Mellon’s “Fire of the Summer” debuted and was praised by the champion tutor

In June of this year, the highly anticipated Mailong coffee “The Flame of Summer” came out with a new artistic image. The Mellon R&D team carefully selected from dozens of summer samples. After hundreds of tests and corrections, it took more than a year to find four 90+ summer coffee beans and choose the best baking curve. This unique “spirit of the summer” was born.

The nineties + rose summer beans in the four Panamanian areas, the core essence of the collection, the fusion of the flames of the summer, shocked the world. This is a challenge to the coffee baking skills and a sincere invitation to the taste buds. The listing also made the public once again focus on the top quality coffee varieties in the summer. Lixia, known for winning the championships of the major international cups, is also worthy of the record of the auction price. In recent years, it has been hot, and it has become a major international coffee competition celebrity dresses .

The genus Arabika is native to Ethiopia and was developed after the introduction of the Panamanian region in the 1960s. The major coffee bean companies are fully dedicated to the summer. Among them, the ninety (Ninety Plus) company is more meticulous in planting, and uses special treatment methods to stabilize the unique flavor of the summer and enhance its flavor. Sweetness and layering. In recent years, baristas have won numerous international awards for their 90+ coffee, making “Ninety Plus Coffee” famous. In this regard, Mr. Zhang Wei, the master of coffee, the winner of the 2014 China World Barista Competition and the World Champion Champion, commented: “In the flame of the summer, you can clearly feel the 90+ unique treatment method. Flavor.”

In the summer, the variety is precious, the maintenance is complicated, and the yield is low. According to reports, there are not many areas suitable for summer growth. The area of ​​summer planting in Panama is only over 1,000 hectares. The annual output is only 1 to 12,000 bags (1 bag is about 46 kg), and the global coffee in 2017/18 The output was 15.88 million bags. The scarcity and preciousness, the difficulty of planting and other factors make the value of the summer price rise year by year. Once the products of the summer are coming out, they are often in short supply.

In order to let more consumers taste the fascinating flavor of top-quality coffee for a long time, and at the same time, highlighting the charming aroma and unique flavor of the summer, the Mellon Baking Masters innovatively puts four 90+ summer coffee beans from Panama Manor. Their different personalities, respectively, use their own unique baking curve, and then through the gold blending ratio, to create a stable and more layered “flame summer flame.” The strong fermentation aroma contains the flavor of jasmine and red lining, while the tail tone reveals the intoxicating red wine scent, which reveals the unique and charming flavor of the summer, and has the exquisite taste that other rose summer beans can hardly achieve. And the smart flavor, so it was also rated as “like being kissed by the creator.”

 “The flame of summer is different from other rose summer beans on the market. It upgrades the sweetness brought by the fermented coffee and makes the taste more stable through blending. You will feel its texture is very light, but the level The sense of fierceness is even higher.” Mr. Zhang Wei commented on the “flame of the summer”.

The debut of the “flame of the summer”, the packaging also reflects the innovative spirit of the company, inspired by the soft image of the bright red ink in the water, like an imaginative Chinese painting, bright colors also represent fiery The magma reproduces the magnificent volcanic landscape of the Panamanian region where the summer grows. The top seal design continues the Chinese style design on the packaging, and makes the flame of the summer summer seem to be covered with jade, more royal aristocracy. The design packaging makes the public experience the infinite possibilities and charm of coffee and art.

Regardless of the packaging or the product, “The Flame of Summer” reflects the spirit of Meron’s ultimate focus and pursuit of excellence. It aims to satisfy high-end consumers and senior coffee fans who have high requirements on quality and flavor, as well as high-end business gifts. Taste choice.

Mailong continues to delve into the diversified boutique coffee flavors, in addition to the “connoisseur series” represented by the flame of the summer, and also launched a series of “seeking beans”, “origin” and “espresso classic coffee”. A wide range of fine coffee products such as coffee beans, pouches, hanging ears and instant beverages meet the preferences and needs of different consumers .

Since its inception, Mellon has been focusing on every aspect of the seed to the cup, and gradually build a complete coffee industry chain. In the selection of raw soybeans, we have maintained good cooperative relations with suppliers, and we have more than 100 own or cooperative estates around the world, and we have trained a team of professional pharmacists to go to the global coffee producing areas to find high quality coffee beans. In the baking process, we have a professional quality control team composed of well-known masters at home and abroad. The company has a large coffee baking factory equipped with industry-leading equipment and various product factories to ensure the safety and stability of each product.

In the spirit of “only for a cup of good coffee”, and the desire to convey products and brand memory with taste, and uphold the spirit of pursuing excellence and excellence, Mellon has achieved the “Rose of Summer” through the unremitting persistence of skill upgrading and careful baking. “. This top-notch piece brings the fascinating beauty of Panamanian Rose Summer Beans to the utmost, bringing a warm, rich and intriguing taste experience that evokes a lava-like vitality and renews its radiance and charm! The exposure of the art packaging of this series made it unsold.

In June, Mellon’s “Fire of the Summer” came out, which will once again lead the tragic upsurge of the summer, and also make the mysterious top coffee beans go to the mass consumer field. At the same time, because of its design packaging, the public once again experienced the infinite possibilities of combining coffee and art.

It’s cold, what do I want to wear a summer dress?

Don’t rush to collect the summer prints as a jacket. In addition to T-shirts, sweaters, and sweaters, can you be more fancy in the fall? When this spring and summer fashion week street was found, Boss now loves to use printed items as an interior. Summer print shirts don’t rush to close up, you can play in autumn and winter!

When Ni Ni attended the Gucci event, she also put a printed shirt in her suit. It immediately looked literary and youthful, and bid farewell to the dull atmosphere of the suit.

Jiang Shuying put a gorgeous dress in a light blue suit that looks fresh and eye-catching. The print of the dress balances the plain color of the suit, and it is just fashionable.

In addition to Ni Ni and Jiang Shuying, bloggers also love this combination. Although they can’t wear the flaming prints to go to work, you can put them in the suit. Whether it is the contrast of the material or the contrast of the style, you can let others see it. bright celebrity dresses.

Knitwear is the least-fashioned style with a printed dress that will only add to your icing on the cake, or use a vibrant green leather trench coat to set off your life, with gorgeous colors to make autumn no longer understated.

Autumn is also the season to go straight to the sweater, you can take out the thick knit that you can’t put on the jacket in the winter, with bright and bright summer prints, warm and fashionable GET!

Who said that the suit should be paired with a white shirt, and the printed shirt is still pretty, but it can just show your femininity and matching skills.

The jacket is always a neat feeling, and the trousers will inevitably give you a strong sense of sight, so take your dress and put it in it to create a stylish and flexible fashion!

Why do the senior faces in the entertainment circle love this bag?

New Year’s Eric, Eric Batty, “Bai Zhi Bai Bian” has returned again, let everyone wait a long time, in order to go with everyone to collect the most hot and fashionable bags, we will not only introduce 360-degree comprehensive introduction of these bags. There will also be editors to personally test its various details and upper body effects, and even possible problems, to give you the most authoritative and practical reference, before buying and buying, you must look at our pick-up guide!

Prada Sidonie leather shoulder bag

Sidonie is a brand new bag launched by Prada2019 in the early spring series. For many people, it is not the first eye-catching type, but also the look-ahead type. The shape of the bag is very similar to a cute butt, and it is also called PP bag. Sidonie is actually similar in shape to the Prada 2000 Spring/Summer collection, but with a more modern elemental design, it is also a tribute to the classics.

Attending physician – the stars love this bag

This Sidonie bag has just come out soon, and it quickly became popular. Both the star and the hipster bloggers have already carried their backs. Supermodel Du Fu, Qin Shupei, Kaia Berger, Jiang Shuying, Yuan Quan, Li Wei, Lin Yuner and famous Fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, etc., everyone’s style is different, look at the different effects that they are being played!

After watching the supermodel army of strength and grass, let’s take a look at what effect the stars in the ordinary height are. The white Sidonie with a camel sweater and straight pants is easy and casual.

If you wear a professional degree, you can carry it like Yuan Quan, and it is quite a gas field.

Li Wei chose a small Sidonie, which looks more simple and more suitable for the sloping back.


The appearance of the bag looks flat, but the internal capacity is more than expected. There is a compartment inside, which can put some cards and mobile phones, foundations, lipsticks, hand creams, clips for girls. Powder cakes can be put in, and it is not easy to deform when filled with things.


How to open the bag?

Sidonie’s opening method is very simple. As long as the black strap inserted in the metal buckle is pulled out, the cover can be opened, and the operation is smooth, and there is no urgency to take things but the buckles are stuck.

How to open

The Sidonie bag comes with two straps, a shorter strap and can also be worn under the armpit.

The other strap is longer. After you replace it, you can make a crossbody bag and a shoulder bag. It is more youthful and energetic.


more details

The classic logo with PRADA on the cover is very delicate.


The buckle is also engraved with the words Prada.

metal button

The left and right upper corners of the bag are covered with metal and have holes for connecting the straps.

metallic parts

The back of the cover is fixed on the bag by two metal ingots, which is very stable.


The PRADA logo is also printed on the inside of the cover.


The straps and the metal parts of the body.

Huang Shang’s “net red” came back for you.

In order to better show the upper body effect of this bag, Huang Shang should be requested by the fans. Please also edit the film to see if this bag leaves the star supermodel. What effect does it have on the amateur celebrity dresses?

List of medicines – more styles waiting for you

In addition to the red version of the phoenix test, there are black, white, brown and other styles to choose from, in addition to another one without a cover, the appearance is more compact and cute.

Premium for satin silk shirts, allowing commuter to instantly upgrade N levels

I couldn’t understand the silk before, I thought it was soft but “boneless”, expensive and difficult to care for, and it’s easy to show age… I didn’t know what it’s called “addictive” when I put on my body. The “disadvantages” have become the reason for falling in love with women (women are so fickle).

When everyone mentions silk, they follow the senior, why is silk “expensive” (and why is it really expensive)?

There are many types of silk, which generally refer to silk. It belongs to the natural protein fiber, which contains 18 kinds of amino acids beneficial to the human body, so it is especially good for skin-friendly, especially “supporting people”.

However, natural silk does have a “defect” that is expensive and difficult to serve. The fashion circle has thus produced acetate fabric. It is made of acetate fiber (man-made fiber made by esterification of acetic acid and cellulose). It is most like “imitation” of silk fiber. Its softness, gloss and comfort are similar to silk. .

Many fashion brands like to replace natural silk with acetate silk fabrics to create fashions that are similar in appearance and beautiful, and that are really good, but the price is not necessarily much cheaper than silk.
Good silk has a good gloss and drape, so silky clothes have a flowing and restrained beauty.

Asian women who are not so three-dimensional are also very friendly. Girls who are full-bodied are wearing a charming and charming body. They are lazy and self-sufficient, but they all have their own “unique” beauty.

When it comes to wearing silk, here is a professional term: Mimi number.

It refers to the thickness of the silk, the higher the mMI value, the thicker the fabric. Generally speaking, the thicker silk has a better texture, and the gloss is stronger and slightly stiffer; but it is not as thick as possible, but also according to the style, design and season of the clothes.
If you want to start silk celebrity dresses, the editor recommends that you choose a thicker silk fabric to create a full and rich outline, which is even more advanced; the daily silk dress and silk shirt are about 20 meters.

A full-bodied girl can rely on thick silk to “borrow a little force” and highlight the femininity with a soft, wrap-around silhouette. At the same time, we recommend that a slightly full-fledged girl can choose silk clothes with a slightly higher mmi number, and a slightly “hard” fabric can better shape the body and look slimmer.

A skinny girl can try a silk top or a ruffled style, and the naturally stacked neckline creates a richness that makes the body softer and fuller.

Premium for satin silk shirts, allowing commuter to instantly upgrade N levels
There is also a kind of heavy silk, which has a fine texture on the surface of the fabric by a unique weaving method. Therefore, the gloss is less, it looks less gorgeous but looks elegant and restrained. It is especially suitable for shirts, shirt skirts, etc. Clothes.

After 95, the Australian and American mixed-race sisters will give you the most beautiful island holiday guide!

I don’t know if you recently opened a circle of friends with Miss Yoka, and I was photographed by various island photos and bikinis. It is really necessary to relax near the end of the year. After all, it is the hard work of the whole year to get an annual holiday, and there must be no physical and mental rest. Many people choose to go to the island, after all, facing the sea can spring blossom. However, when the island is more beautiful than the body, the photo circle of friends at the end of the year, you have to dress up to win, Miss Yoka will introduce you to a young lady today, follow her to learn the holiday style. !
This young lady is called Lily Maymac. She was born in 1995. She is an Australian pea. Don’t look at her young age. She has already had 2 million fans on the ins. She has a deep eye socket and a sexy thick. The lips are impressive.

After 95, the Australian and American mixed-race sisters will give you the most beautiful island holiday guide!
Even the EXO member Park Chan-lie also paid attention to her ins, but also caused a strong dissatisfaction of the fans, demanding to take the clearance, Lily Maymac was also attacked by the fans of the fans, it was real innocence.

Back to the topic, Miss Sister usually likes to go to the island for a holiday trip, and each set is worth learning!

Island holiday wear guideline one: short dress up

The weather in the island is hot, and the short-sleeved sexy dress is essential. It’s time to show your sexy body. Is it short and short?

The basic equipment is T-shirt + hot pants, the high-waist style can show the long legs, and the A-shaped style can also make up for the wide width. It is a must-have for the sedentary office girl!
The upper body can also be chosen to be more sexy, the style of the small dew shoulders reveals a charming collarbone, and the arm can be properly blocked.
A girl with a better body can choose a sexy sling. In a city where the island is wearing a bikini and there is no contradiction in the street, you definitely have a reason to wear a “lean color”. The fat girl can put a piece on the outside. Sunscreen cardigan.
Japanese sweet-skinned Ruffle Super Girl, and this year’s heat is very high.

Island holiday wear guideline 2: sexy swimwear

When you get to the beach, you will find the world of swimwear. In addition to the value of your body, the beautiful swimsuit will give you extra points.

  1. Who said that the one-piece swimsuit is not fashionable

The one-piece swimsuit that my mother hated can be very fashionable. See how Miss Lily Maymac can wear it for you!
The simple basic style is well dressed and generous, but it is really very tall.
The side slits are not only sexy but also cover the small belly.
The sexy deep V adds a boost to the one-piece swimsuit.

  1. Sexy bikini is essential

The style of the ruffles is sweet, and even the European and American big girls love it.

The body is so hot, the hot lady style is also super nice to wear. But other girls, exercise well!

Wearing a bikini short-sleeved machine, put on a short T, you can go to the streets!

Island holiday wear criteria three: beauty skirt style

Wearing a small skirt to the island is a reliable story.

In fact, really go to the beach, or short skirt is the most practical, because the long skirt will be wet by the waves in minutes, wet body is a matter of minutes.

If you wear a long skirt, this kind of opening is the most suitable, even if it is wet by the waves, it will not stick to the legs.

The best proportion of the split. You have to wear a little less to the beach.

Wrap celebrity dresses are perfect for the beach, because they are easy to wear!

Going to the formal restaurant for a date to eat, you can choose such a small skirt with a sense of design, it seems that the advanced is not unconventional.

Read so much and book your ticket to the beach! If you don’t fall in love with this young lady, I think your heart must fly to the island!

Xuanmei returns to the short skirt show legs, blonde red lips take a suit and swear, gaining weight to 50 kg is still leg

Recently, there are a lot of flowers in the Korean circle. The new group’s predecessors are also rushing to return. It is also a break in the low tide period of the previous Korean circle. Like the announcement of the return in recent days, the legs are beautiful, with the artists. The biggest change in the return is the breakthrough in styling. Hurry and look at it~

However, when it comes to Xuanmei, the successful transformation from a female group member to a female solo singer is not easy along the way. It is a great way to kill a path from the Korean love beans. Her slender straight “pencil leg” should be said to be the most out of the circle, really enviable.

This return to Xuanmei is the first major change in hair style. The previous long hair has been replaced with the current short hair of the French, revealing the charming feeling of some small women. Especially dyed a gold is a special slut that makes her become exceptionally ~ can see the obvious layering and the bangs decoration of the middle points, it is still necessary to hold the white skin sister!

Looking at the latest street style of Xuanmei, I have to sigh that the figure is still the same as the nice! I can see the choice of the day or show off my good body, choose a low-cut short skirt to do the inner ride, and then match a boyfriend-style suit, and it’s beautiful and beautiful.

I can see the length of the short skirt and the hips. The illusion that this oversize suit just forms a missing shirt will also be more advantageous. At the same time, the big long legs that are displayed are also conspicuous. It seems that this time, the beautiful figure of Xuanmei is returned. Nothing changed at all. I stepped on a pair of black ankle boots, and all black look is handsome!

Then look at the collocation of Xuanmei, although the whole is all black look, but it does not feel dull under her white skin. Especially the light gray dress inside, it is very good to create a gray-black color difference that makes her look a lot of foreign style ~ hand is a retro style small square bag, LV print tells me a little expensive ~

Look closely, the suits and dresses are simple but full of small details. The skirt chose the V-neck’s small dew line and the small bow embellishment is also full of girl’s heart~ The suit is a classic lapel, simpler can be very colorful~ This bangs arc is really my dream!

To say that Xuanmei’s body is only thin, it’s wrong. I’ve just had a good time since I’ve gained 50 kilograms. I’m a normal figure now.

However, the overall feeling does not seem to change much, and her short skirt and short boots are really not available to the average person! There is no obvious waistline. You can only distinguish your waist and hip by your own body curve. Plus the boots also divide the whole leg into three parts. If you don’t have a good proportion of her, don’t wear it!

However, in the end, it is gaining weight. Compared with the body of the previous months, the legs can also be seen obviously thicker, even if this is a proper leg girl. Now, although it is slightly fleshy, it is straight. It’s not changed at all, it’s even healthier than before, is it that the little belly is coming out~

To say that it used to be the sensuality of the bones, then the current Xuanmei is a style of gestures. Especially this time, a dazzling blonde with red lips is really charming, wearing a suit is still awkward! I didn’t expect that after the weight gain was 50 kilograms, the pair of “chopstick legs” did not change at all. She might have to sit for a while.

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