Japan Meixiang participates in the 24th Hong Kong Asia Pacific Beauty Show

On November 13-15, 2019, the 24th Asia Pacific Beauty Show opened in Hong Kong, with more than 3,100 exhibitors and 25 national and regional pavilions.

Asia Pacific is the second largest cosmetics market in the world, second only to Europe. Hong Kong is the hub of beauty trade in Asia, and the Asia Pacific Beauty Show is an important gateway to the Asia Pacific region. Cosmoprof Asia, the Hong Kong Asia-Pacific Beauty Salon Exhibition, attracted 2,034 exhibitors from the previous year, with 83,793 merchants celebrity dresses.

Meixiang showed the public its two products in the Chinese market, Meixiang Lactobacillus Collagen Drink and Meixiang Sports Slimming Fat Burning Drink. Two of the drinks were added to the patented product of Niche Pharmaceuticals, LFK Lactobacillus. At present, it has obtained more than ten patent certificates and passed the international testing organization SGS certification, 0 hormones, 0 preservatives, 0 fat.

Meixiang’s masterpiece “Little Flower Dan” – Meixiang small red bottle (Meixiang lactic acid bacteria collagen drink), is the first collagen + lactic acid bacteria drink on the market, sweet and sour and delicious lychee flavor, combined with strong skin care, conditioning stomach, anti- A series of functions of aging, after its appearance, word of mouth, praise constantly, has received the recommended collagen drink in Miss Universe 2017, won the Japanese fashion beauty magazine “VOGUE” and “female セブン”, but also won the 2019 Ruili beauty The special award for the award, and also a star-studded craze in China, including actress Chen Qiaoen, star Li Nian, Bao Wenzhao, Shen Mengchen, Yi Nengjing and many other artists have been circled!

The new single product launched by Meixiang Double Eleven – Meixiang Small Blue Bottle (Meixiang Sports Slimming Fat Drink), a new sports drink developed for the purpose of fat burning and sports, contains 150 million LFK lactic acid bacteria and 600mg high purity. L-carnitine, effectively relieve fatigue and improve energy, gradient high-efficiency fat burning, improve mental endurance, and provide a higher quality of life for modern urban youth: not only good body, but also a good body.

Meixiang is a brand created by Niki Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of Japan. Founded in 1987, Niki Pharmaceuticals is a well-known supplier and research institute for lactic acid bacteria in Japan. It is Japanese green juice / barley leaf / Yamamoto Hana / Ito Park, etc. The brand supplies lactic acid bacteria raw materials with an annual turnover of over 3 billion yen. Nikki has research cooperation with more than ten well-known Chinese and foreign universities such as Kyoto University, Okayama University, Teikyo University, and Nanjing Medical University.

During the Asia-Pacific beauty exhibition, the merchants and tourists from all over the world were actively enjoying the new experience brought by the two drinks of Meixiang, and they were full of praise for Meixiang’s unique refreshing taste.

The three-day Asia-Pacific exhibition not only allows merchants and tourists from all over the world to see Meixiang’s current quality products and brand power, but also allows more people to understand the influence of Meixiang in the Asian market. At the same time, it also hopes that Meixiang will continue to surpass it. Self, bring better, more fashionable and more intimate product experience to customers and consumers!

From 40 to 400! What is the difference between these facial cleansers?

Don’t say, the cleansing with the amino acid type can’t really equal the amino acid cleansing! After entering the autumn and winter, it is often the skin that first “reacts”! As the temperature decreases, sebum secretion continues to decrease, and in addition to changing seasons, the skin often becomes fragile and sensitive. And many people will follow the trend, buy an amino acid cleansing to reduce the skin irritation.

But do you really know amino acid cleansing? Today, the most familiar Mies in the universe understands, and will give you a glimpse of the mystery of amino acid cleansing celebrity dresses.

First, what is the amino acid cleansing?

The true amino acid cleansing, of course, the core cleansing ingredients should be based on amino acid surfactants. Its structure should often be an N-fatty acid-amino acid-salt.

The fatty acid portion may be lauric acid, myristic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid or the like.

The amino acid moiety may be glutamic acid, glycine, alanine, arginine, sarcosine or the like.

The salt portion may be sodium, potassium, triethanolamine or the like.

Therefore, through this formula, you can use a relatively simple and rude way to determine whether a product is an amino acid cleansing.

For example, potassium cocoyl glycinate, which is common in the ingredient list, is based on the formula: cocoate + glycine + potassium. Fulifang silk cleansing cream is a very typical amino acid facial cleanser.

The second place in the ingredient list is sodium lauroyl glutamate. The formula above is: lauric acid + glutamic acid + sodium, amino acid cleansing stamp certification!

And so on, such as: sodium myristyl glutamate, sodium stearyl glutamate, sodium palmitolemate, it is not difficult to see that they are the essence of amino acid activity. For example, UNNY CLUB, a mineral facial cleanser, has an amino acid surface active ingredient, but it is more backward. It is more like a soap-based facial cleanser with an amino acid banner. Everyone needs to polish their eyes!
Cold knowledge about amino acid cleansing:

  1. Cleansing amino acid cleansing with amino acids

Amino acid cleansing is a cleansing product based on amino acid surfactants, and some brands deceive consumers into not knowing ingredients. The cleansing products with amino acid moisturizers claim to be amino acid cleansing. This is actually not an amino acid cleansing.

  1. The price of amino acid cleansing

The price of amino acid cleansing in the market is uneven. The price of expensive SK-II skin cleansing cream is several hundred, and the price of cheap such as Dabao Hydrogel moisturizing cleanser is only a few dozen. In addition to the brand value added, the difference between the two is in addition to the brand value added. Cost and technical factors are also important. For example, SK-II skin cleansing cream is actually a crystalline amino acid facial cleanser. It is creamy and hard. The amino acid cleansing often requires the addition of a large amount of amino acid activity and polyol, which is relatively cost-effective. High, and the production process is strictly complicated, plus other additives, the natural price will be more expensive.

Second, amino acid cleansing is more friendly to the skin?

After many people have used amino acid cleansing, the feedback to us is still feeling that the skin is tight and dry after washing. It is very confused with the gentle warmth of the legend. I am very confused. I want to ask Mies to understand why?

In fact, the amino acid cleansing we are facing is mild to the skin, mainly based on the low cytotoxicity and low residue of the skin after the use of the amino acid. But its cleaning effect is not even weaker than the soap base in the actual test, so if you are sensitive muscle, Mies knows that the amino acid cleansing is not the best type of cleansing.

However, in addition to the amino acid activity, such as the use of “alkyl glycosides”, “cocamidopropyl betaine”, “octanoic acid / glyceryl glycerol polyglycerol-10 esters” and other nonionic or zwitterionic surfactants Cleansing is more gentle in the mildness than amino acid cleansing. However, in order to achieve a balance between cleansing power, mildness and cost, the formulator often mixes according to the actual situation. Skin friendly, this is a test of the formulator’s skill.

  1. Is there a difference in the different forms of amino acid cleansing?

Of course, the difference is certain, but the average consumer is difficult to understand and distinguish, Mies understands here to give you a simple explanation.

  1. Paste

Generally, the common type of amino acid cleansing can be divided into a paste crystal form and a paste type thickening type. The cost difference between the two is very large, which has been briefly described above. However, Mies understands that the higher cost performance is the creamy thickened amino acid facial cleanser, which is based on amino acid activity and is compounded with other activities. If the formulator is experienced, it can be cleaned. A product that is gentle but inexpensive, but consumers need to spend some time looking for such products.
Although SK-II’s ace-based galactose-like yeast fermentation product has been added, the effect can be ignored for cleansing that stays on the face for a short time. Generally speaking, it is mild, and the cleaning power is also good. There is no fake slip and tightness after washing. The experience is very good. As long as it is not the kind of feeling of washing the dishes, it can be used. The disadvantage is that it is a little expensive.
The main ingredient is sodium cocoyl glycinate, although it also contains traces of soap, but it is negligible. The paste is firmer and the cleaning power is medium to upper, but the amount of foam is small. If you mind, you can use it with a foaming net. After washing, the skin is finer and smoother. Overall, the price is good, can meet the daily needs, suitable for small partners with low budget.
This kind of amino acid cleansing has a certain improvement on the problem of weak foaming power of amino acid cleansing, and can also reduce the addition of amino acid activity and other surface activities, thereby reducing the cost and drying tension after washing. sense. If you are a sensitive muscle, non-amino acids are not used, then the most recommended is this kind of amino acid cleansing products.

This cleansing face is specially developed for sensitive muscles, so it is very gentle. It also contains moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin and maltitol to enhance the skin’s moisturizing power. Because of the pump head, the foam is very rich, and the skin is smooth and delicate after washing. However, for the skin that is too oily, it may feel that the washing is not clean enough, so it is recommended to use dry skin and sensitive muscle.

Mies knows a kind of cleansing that I like very much. Although it is compounded with some detergents, it is mainly composed of sodium cocoyl glutamate. The whole is very mild, the cleaning power is moderate, and there is a lot of foam at the touch. There is also a faint grape scent that smells very comfortable and is suitable as a morning cleansing.

  1. Powder

This type is also a common type of amino acid cleansing, but in general, the powder is not a 100% amino acid active powder, and it is often compounded with other active powder or filled powder. This product is indeed the easiest to manufacture, avoiding the effects of the addition of a large amount of modifier on the skin. However, it is easy to get wet and deteriorate, so be careful when saving.
A typical cleansing flour, although compounded with a small amount of potassium myristate, is completely free of any preservatives, spices added, very mild, sensitive muscles can also be used. The foam is rich and delicate, and the cleaning power is also sufficient. The key is that it is not tight and not dry after washing. It is a superior cleansing product. The disadvantage is that it should be used up early after opening to protect it from moisture.

If you are a blend of oil and oil, this cleansing powder will suit you better. Contains relatively mild sodium myristyl glutamate, also has a strong cleansing potassium laurate, but the overall is relatively mild, and contains a slight removal of old dead skin cells. Small granules are suitable for carrying and can be foamed by handcuffs, but it is not recommended for overuse, especially for sensitive skin.

  1. Is the amino acid activity active by anion?

In fact, the variety of amino acid forms is huge, and many people regard it as an anion activity is actually not rigorous enough. To be precise, the commonly used acylated amino acid activity is anionic, because at this time, the amino acid surface active crystals have no ionization equilibrium, and they are weakly alkaline in water; and such as potassium glycinate, it is not easy to crystallize, and For the gelatinous amino acid type, the amphoteric activity will be more.

Therefore, a good chemistry classmate can read the complete text, such as:

  1. The amino acid activity of the triethanolamine salt is milder than the sodium salt of the sodium salt;
  2. The sodium salt amino acid has a stronger cleaning power;
  3. Potassium salts are more refreshing after washing the skin…

This is due to the different active ion characteristics of different amino acids.

Small supermodel Zhang Jiawen finale unveiled at China International Fashion Week “Smart” interpretation of DKLTJU new series

On October 31st, the DKLTJU brand brought the new series “Lingyue” to the T-stage of 2020 Spring and Summer·China International Fashion Week. The small supermodel Zhang Jiawen finale was unveiled at the press conference, and the new series of DK was interpreted.
The “Lingyue” series released by DK is inspired by the classic fashion of the Nordic royal family. It uses four colors of gray, white, pink and gold to combine the dreamy colors with the elegant gauze to make the traditional embroidery process collide. The modern beaded sequined feather element presents a dreamy, ethereal and elegant visual experience. The design of the dress layer overlay is looming under the light, and it is infinitely close to a wonderful victory.

Every dress of DKLTJU adheres to the brand’s consistent philosophy, weaving fairy tales with children’s wear, giving children a colorful life. The “Lingyue” series combines the perfect cut into the design of the agility and detachment. Using the high-dressing weaving process that DK brand is best at, it creates an original unique international boutique series with extraordinary creativity and excellent craftsmanship. Children’s dresses.

The supermodel Zhang Jiawen’s perfect interpretation of this China International Fashion Week is also a highlight of the conference. As the finale, Zhang Jiawen’s performance in the DK “Lingyue” big show T stage also lived up to expectations, a perfect interpretation of the “spirit” of the series celebrity dresses.

Under the interpretation of Zhang Jiawen, the high-grade gray series dress is like the elf’s feather coat. The luster of the light seems to be the light emitted by the elf dream. Zhang Jiawen, dressed in “Fairy Clothes”, accompanied by the lighting of the lights, such as the little fairy who came out of the forest, the performance of the smart on the T stage also won a lot of applause for the “Lingyue” big show.

Zhang Jiawen, the leading supermodel from the colorful international model agency, as the ambassador of the Chinese Children’s Charity Foundation, An Tongsheng, was honored to accept the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the South Korean Vice-President Li Zhurong. Foreign leaders met. In addition, Zhang Jiawen’s show experience is also very rich, and DIOR, GIVENCHY, FLOWER NINE Palace show, Zexi Chaotong, Minimijia, DK, Chen Wenda show, KOMAVA and other brands have cooperated, but also won the most CCTV The Potential Child Model Award and the Best Performance Award at the Olympic Expo.

“Let the fairy tale into childhood and let the children shine” is the soul of DKLTJU brand design. The “Lingyue” series interprets the children’s inner princess dream and prince with elegant gauze, layered design and dreamy soft colors. The dream, the flowing feathers and the beaded embroidery craftsmanship are a combination of elegance and fashion. DK can be said to be a dreamer who weaves fairy tales with children’s clothes, and sows the seeds of dreams for the child’s childhood. I look forward to DKLTJU once again working with Zhang Jiawen to witness the more exciting bloom in the future.

A white T-shirt goes to the world? The Korean girl’s wear is not heavy every day, and my colleagues are jealous.

Recently, Xiao Bian discovered a Korean blogger Elborn living in Paris. Her dress style is very French and uniform, and she has a temperament. This simple color tone looks just superior.

She is not only a fashion blogger, but also has her own brand elborn, a proper clothing store owner! Usually, I wear my own clothes, which is just a sign in the store celebrity dresses!

Many people think that wearing French style clothes has this kind of style, but Xiao Bian still thinks that the temperament of French elegance and not artificial is from the inside out. It is the key to find the style that suits your temperament. You don’t have to follow the trend blindly!

She recently loves to wear a combination of suit + Lok Fu shoes. The inside is a white choice. It looks handsome and refreshing. Although it looks different every day, in fact, her single product utilization rate is very high, and the degree of reference It is also a perfect score! Let’s take a look at this intellectual lady’s commuter guide!

The suit can be a very capable person, so it is a must-have item in the commuter! A white dress adds a touch of gentleness, and the flat-bottomed loafers are both comfortable and natural.

Many netizens have planted this loose smoking trousers by Elborn. Whether it is an o-leg or an elephant leg, wearing it will make the legs feel straight and slender, and at the same time adjust the proportion of the body, which is a perfect match with the suit.

“A white T-shirt goes to the world” is really not a joke! Elborn did it! White T with black suit is simple and classic, with a dark retro jeans to add a bit of casual and casual, with black Loafers to go trendy Parisian style!

The gray maxi dress is elegant and noble, and uses the belt to improve the waistline and wear a good proportion. With a pair of leopard-print shoes, it is very fashionable!拎 A brown commuter bag, the most intellectual and fashionable lady in the workplace!

The blue shirt is noble and generous, with a brown high-waist half skirt to show the charm of intellectual elegance, with the consistent Lok Fu shoes is another charm! Really can’t wait to buy all of her the same paragraph!

Blue and white vertical shirt with light-colored jeans is very casual, with green Lok Fu shoes stealing mirrors and unique, khaki woven bucket bag is also very eye-catching! Full score!

The simple white shirt with a satin-colored navy blue skirt has a chic and casual temperament. Walking on the streets of Paris is very beautiful. The red Loafers add a sense of presence. The beige hat + woven bag is very good. The atmosphere of the holiday.

The dress of All Black is still infused with its own style! The black graffiti sweater is matched with the elegant and delicate gauze skirt, and it is casual, and a suit jacket is full of gas! Black boots add a touch of modernity to the look!

The national tide blooms Jinxiu Oriental | Shangpin home and the Palace Palace culture launch new Chinese joint space

As a cultural symbol with a history of nearly 600 years, the Forbidden City has many palace complexes and cultural relics and historic sites, and has become a typical symbol of Chinese traditional culture. For the masses, living in the Forbidden City may be a very desirable experience.

On October 30th, the co-branded new Chinese-style space created by the custom-made home giant Shangpin and the Palace Palace culture was officially unveiled. It was inspired by the architectural elements of the Forbidden City and the cultural elements of the cultural relics. Young people can feel the beauty of the court at home celebrity dresses.

At the press conference, Shangpin House and the Palace Cultural Representative of the Forbidden City signed a strategic cooperation signing ceremony. Li Jiacong, the general manager of Shangpin Home, officially released the new Chinese-style home aesthetic space of “Jinxiu Oriental”.

“Every Chinese has a Forbidden City complex.” Li Jiacong, general manager of Shangpin’s house, evoked memories of many people and the Forbidden City.

The new Chinese-style space, “Jinxiu Oriental”, which is jointly created by the Shangpin Residence and the Palace Palace Culture, has ignited the Chinese People’s Palace complex and introduced the court culture into people’s home living space, which is interpreted from a new perspective. The beauty of the East.
The shape is selected from the round pattern of the group pattern and the algae well on the court costume.

“Jinxiu Oriental” extracts the essence and cultural heritage of the royal palace from the six levels of color, material, pattern, pattern, system and art. In color, the vermilion color of the Forbidden City Palace wall is used as the color of the overall space; The brass material on the court furniture is combined with the accessories such as the hanging basket and the frame; the shape of the ball, the algae and other round shapes on the court dress are used in the screen and the decorative round mirror, which perfectly fits the Chinese for home and The understanding of reunion; structurally, draws on the cabinet in the form of the Palace Duobao Pavilion and carries out modern interpretation; on the pattern, the grid pattern is the white cloth pattern of the glass door, which means the integrity is rich; on the accessories, the “Thousand Miles of the River” The elements are applied to the matching soft furnishings to make the whole space more cultural.
This is the release of the Chinese people’s Forbidden City complex, and it is also the advanced level of the Shangpin home decoration. Shangpin’s house is equipped with the palace culture of the Forbidden City, which combines the traditional palace culture with the modern family culture, breaking the people’s established impression of traditional culture and overthrowing the stereotypes of the young, multi-Chinese style of home, old and medium.

Create a custom home network red

In addition to the division of the new Chinese cake, Shang Pin Zhai has introduced the Forbidden City Palace Culture IP into the furniture industry, and it also attracted another speculation: Can custom homes make net red?

“We dare not say that we will create a custom network red.” Li Jiacong said humbly that the original intention of cooperation with the Forbidden City court culture is to solve the consumer demand. “Shangpin home ownership is positioned in China’s local brand, and has been building China’s own brand, the first ten years. Since the national tide has not risen, we have done a lot of European things in response to the market demand. The emergence of the new national tide has made us see the opportunity. Through big data, we have seen that many consumers have already liked the Chinese style, but they have never been able to buy it. The right products, and solid wood and mahogany products can not meet the needs of consumers for mass customization. After the introduction of the new Chinese style, the products can be truly united. We will not copy the things hundreds of years ago, only take their elements and Charm, incorporating modern functions and aesthetics.”

As the leader in the whole house custom industry brand, Shangpin Home has consistently adhered to innovations in product, technology, brand, marketing and other aspects for many years. The joint name of the Shangpin Residence and the Palace Palace Cultural IP is also full. The first time in the housing customization industry, the linkage with the national culture IP, there is deep insight into the pursuit of a more quality, more refined and culturally rich lifestyle for the current mainstream consumer groups, and also represents national culture confidence and home aesthetics. Comprehensive improvement. Along with the culture of the country and the culture of the palace, the new Chinese style has also become popular.

[Burning Passion, Dancing the Whole City] WOD LIVE World Dance Competition Tour China’s First Station Shining Magic Capital

On October 19, 2019, in the expectation of countless people, the first stop of the tour of the WOD LIVE World Dance Competition in China was ushered in. Dynamic and frenetic music, passionate dances, and a strong sense of experience, always challenge people’s eager to move. Every cell in the body seems to be screaming, dancing and dancing. Young, it is the first gift that WOD brings to all audiences.

This tour aims to integrate the “Dance World” into the public life, allowing participants to cross boundaries and connect people of different ages and backgrounds through dance language.

There are a total of 20 traffic troupes on this tour, with this! It is the representative of the top 10 dancers, Eleven. Each team has top-level dance skills, professional and professional attitude. On October 19th, the “Master” taught a professional dance-related course. On October 20th, the performance show brought a shocking dance feast to the audience celebrity dresses.

Speed ​​and passion, professionalism and dedication

Eleven once won the championship in the KOD10 Qi Dance Competition, in “This! It was the first 10 places in the Street Dance, and won the runner-up in the WOD (Orlando Division) dance competition. Being able to stand out among many professional street dancers is the result of his unremitting efforts and his personal strength.

The performance invited Ma Xiaolong, a popular dancer. In 2016, Ma Xiaolong won the China Championship of the WOD World Dance Competition and won the World’s Best Theme Award in Los Angeles. Also invited the red house signing instructor Fan Fan, Sasha Fierce and other excellent mentor. Tens of millions of traffic dancers helped out on this tour.

The group show includes Jiangsu Chief Jazz Dance Women’s Team 1758, Shanghai 2016 WOD World Street Dance Competition Final Team Alesx, Chinese Jazz Dance Yuanlu Road Team CATER-VICTORY S, VIP Dance Company Chanel, JazzBaby, DN Kidz and other excellent dance groups.

Whether it is a personal show or a group show, it is presented to the audience after careful selection and countless rehearsals.

Committed to creating a perfect experience

Yangpu is the first stop after the landing of WOD LIVE. This event can be held in Yangpu District without the guidance and strong support of Yangpu District Cultural and Tourism Bureau. Yangpu District has the “Asia’s First Show” – Shanghai International Fashion Center, which has achieved the best results in this tour. And the total title – Tang people eat noodles, is the strong backing behind the success of this WOD LIVE

As the organizer of this event, Media Planet began to prepare related work in August. This advertising industry company has a complete service system such as advertising tools, delivery information tables and smart purchases to help advertisers improve their delivery efficiency, providing customers with traditional media, Internet media, mobile Internet media, new media, entertainment variety IP, etc. Personalized, cost-effective advertising platform. Make full use of their own advantages to drain the show,

At the press conference on the 19th, many brands also introduced their own and WOD stories. First, Mr. MOON, one of the founders of WOD, addressed the conference and then introduced how to plan for development in Yangpu District. Mr. Yao Jin, founder of Tangren Noodle Bureau, Mr. Mu Zhoulong, founder of Media Planet, and Mr. Liu Guorui, Marketing Director of Anxin Group, also gave speeches on how to cooperate with WOD.

Huimin fare allows dance to enter thousands of households

The first stop of the WOD LIVE World Dance Competition in China, due to its initial departure, the fare set up is very close to the people. On the 19th Master Class, in order to train professional dance knowledge for dance lovers, tickets are free. The audience can sign up and participate through the mobile terminal, and WeChat registration is simple and fast. The 20th dance show attracted a large number of dance lovers to watch the 158 and 238 fares. Affordable tickets allow many dance enthusiasts to avoid high-level dance events without worrying about fares. Really achieved the benefit of the people and the people.

Do not understand color matching? These color matching formulas are quick to learn

As the weather gets colder every day, facing the clothes full of a cupboard at home, do you think there is no clothes at home, I honestly tell you, it is because you will not wear them.

But is it true that we have been talking about it every day? Why have you studied for so many years or not? Actually, it is very simple. You just don’t know the principle. You wear the style, and the color is the color. In many cases, the high-level feeling of dressing is not because you wear more. Your expensive clothes will not be produced because you are beautiful. Many times, some color combinations can help people find a suitable high-level feeling celebrity dresses.

So today I want to share with you how to quickly learn color matching, as long as you master the logic of color matching, easy to play with.

Logic one: the main color? Auxiliary color? Dotted color?

When you hear these three words, are you all embarrassed? Don’t worry, it’s very simple. The main color is the color with the most color area, which is about 60% of the whole body area. Most of them are coats, pants and skirts. The auxiliary color is the color that matches the main color, accounting for about 40% of the whole body area, mostly for tops, shirts, vests, etc.; the embellishment color generally only accounts for 5%-15% of the whole body area, mostly silk scarves and hats. , shoes, bags, etc.

The main color, auxiliary color and embellishment color of the match are clearly defined. According to this rule, our match will naturally give a harmonious beauty of the primary and secondary.

Just like the street beat in the picture below, the primary and secondary colors are harmonious, the main color is khaki, and the auxiliary color is brown of the same color, and the embellishment color is red. It is very comfortable to mix together, and the distinct layering is both stylish and atmospheric.

Logic 2: The whole body does not exceed three colors

No more than 3 colors up and down the whole body, it is the safest and most classic color rule, especially for novices, when the color is a lot, it is easy to look cheap and cheesy. Many times simple is advanced, less is more.

Therefore, for novices, before you are not skilled in using color, you must first learn to reduce the color of your body, and out of the wild color of black and white, the body is not easy to exceed three colors, just like the makeup on the face only needs one Two points.

In fact, many times a simple color match will have surprising effects, such as the most commonly worn sweaters in autumn and winter. We choose fresh grass green, with white with the same fresh attributes. This is the simplest two colors. Inter-ups can also give people an unexpected surprise, change the autumn troubles, plus a goose egg yolk embellished color sunglasses, easily concave fashion girl feeling.

Logic 3: the same color echoes fashion and versatility

The biggest feature of the same color system is the simplicity, the similar colors are matched together, and it also conforms to the principle of no more than three colors of the whole body, so it gives a particularly clean and high-grade sense, while at the same time not lacking layering.

The biggest advantage of the same color system is that it is simple and simple, the overall shape is clean and uniform, and there is no extra color to divide the whole body, and the body is more slim and slim. Of course, the same color wear does not mean that all the items must be a color, as long as the color of the upper and lower items is echoed, it is the principle of our color echo.

It’s also blue, but because of the difference in material and color saturation, it also creates a layered feel, and like the dark side of the sketch, it creates a three-dimensional effect, so how to match it with a hue? No mistakes, color whites can try it with confidence.

Modest and gentleman, such as the star collection: a subset of Wenchuang

When the Qing Dynasty’s rising tide talks about literati reading in “Yun Meng Ying”, it can match the time series to make reading more interesting and become an elegant aesthetic activity. Explain that the winter reading is suitable for contemplation; the summer reading history can be hearty; the autumn high school students have a unique charm; until the spring back to the earth, reading the literati works of all ages is full of interest.

Today’s high-speed social machine can enjoy the quiet moment of reading, which is a luxury. In Chengdu, there are many high-rise buildings, and there is a contemporary garden hidden in the middle of nowhere. It is like a modern peach blossom source, which can be enjoyed by tourists and attracts every visitor celebrity dresses.
The layered forest springs are set aside, and the patchwork of water is lively and vivid, guiding people’s eyes to the entrance of the building. The elegant and quiet courtyard provides an exquisite landscape for the entire building space, and the integrated interior and exterior planning gives a sense of tranquility.

Build a reading space to continue the gas field in the big environment. Chengdu is a city defined by “easy” and “Ba Shi”, filled with fields of slowness, human feelings and life. Based on this, the Qiqing design team strives to create a warm and textured space with simple and plain characters.

A modest gentleman, such as a star, is a subset of the world. Entering the door is a sky, the layers of acrylic sheets are like clouds, interspersed with large and small planet lights, bringing people into the vast space of the universe, separating the chaos of the world, seeing the heart and starting a self-exploration. journey of.
The simplicity emphasized by the designer is consistently executed throughout the space. The airiness of the white ceiling, the sense of security of the original wood, entices the natural image, because people can only be comfortable in the natural environment, and the relaxed and light atmosphere makes the whole space have a light and tasteful style.

Opening the Kindle is a quiet silhouette of a tree backed by a tree. Relying on + reading is a state of leisure that enjoys peace. Humans with forward-looking eyes edit the sense of security of “back-to-back” in the genes, while focusing on one direction, giving people access to knowledge and wisdom. A tree-shaped bookcase in space provides a solace for reading trees.

Entering the core area of ​​the pick-up, the two-storey bookshelf becomes the dominant element, defining the theme and spirit of the venue, raising the ambience of the space, and the staircase treatment integrates the fullness of the bookshelf function, immersing people in the ocean of a book. in.

Taoism is natural, naturally, the underlying logic of this oriental thinking is that people are inherently close to nature, designers let green plants spread all over the corners, while large floor-to-ceiling windows bring the vitality and light of the garden into the room, and the comfortable environment makes people Constantly inspiring and lingering.

As a completely open space, the designer’s goal is to make the best relaxation. The combination of island cabinets and sofas separates the independent art space. Walk around the different functional areas without obvious separation, pick up a book and sit down and read quietly.
Walking on the platform, while the top of the bookshelf is raised, it is constantly convex, forming a fold line, forming a kind of closeness, and the geometric structure also coincides with the sharp and angular refinement of the whole building.
Reading this is a lazy and noble activity. In particular, reading some sensible novels, lazy people’s main consciousness is relaxed, showing an open state, then inputting and accepting those characters and bridges, as if inhaled in the book, always expecting a piece of encounter, experience a moment of jaundice Sweet dreams.

The noble part comes from the spirit. In reading, the author said that we want to say it without saying it, and we are unanimous. The spirit is soared and interacts with the author, as if the old friend talked, and the buddy argued and understood the real world more stereoscopically. Reading provided an excellent solution.
The multi-purpose hall on the second floor uses freely-assembled movable furniture to make it functionally flexible. While creating a relaxed reading environment, it can also flexibly undertake various small and medium-sized cultural and creative activities.

Under an asymmetrical shaped ceiling, the art of hanging suspended books, floating in the air to form an array of dancing, inspiration flying up the sky, like a dream or a fairy tale scene, inaccessible and so true. The embellished blue-green color pulls the color tension to make the space calm and indifferent.
The lush outdoor landscape, such as the scrolls, is an important part of the space. Unobstructed interior, the ground seems to be endlessly extended, into the beauty, on a certain level to create a meditation space.
Reading a good book, more than one kind of comprehension, can be the light and taste of “Cai Gen Tan”, or it can be the ambition of “Small Window”, or the simplicity and simplicity of “Baosheng Gossip”. Reading can also be a landscape, a space, need to have a heart, be calm, and enjoy yourself.

 Qi Qing Design Founder Yu Qing

He graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Hunan Normal University in 2002. He has been engaged in the creative, research and landing of interior design from 2002 to 2019. He has a high-lighting class in Tongji University in 2017. He obtained a master’s degree in project management from the University of Greenwich in the UK in 2018. Chairman of the Guangdong Soft Decoration Association, the director of the Shenzhen Interior Designers Association, and the director of the Shenzhen Furnishing Art Association.

Founded by Ms. Qi Qing, Qi Qing Design Office focuses on interior space high-end custom design, creating exclusive space for high-end customers, providing hard-wear + soft-packed integrated design and products. The business involves: clubs, marketing centers, model houses, high-end Office, jewelry showroom, villa private home customization.

The most eye-catching item in winter, it looks good with whatever you wear.

As the weather gets colder and colder, the road people are not able to wear the styling, and they have wrapped themselves into scorpions.

Even the stars who usually look at the airport PK are not able to withstand the low temperatures in the winter, and there is a tacit understanding of the temporary truce, which seems to be goodbye to fashion.

But even so, the fashion masters vowed to become a fashion scorpion! Since you can’t play tricks on your clothes, you can use your heart to get rid of the heavy and boring shapes.

In fact, it doesn’t matter how thick the clothes are. Just a few bright eyes can save the dull shape of the deep winter. Don’t believe it!

Bright eye single product: flamboyant earrings

The importance of jewelry for clothing and accessories is self-evident. It has a combination of quality and design, which not only makes the styling icing on the cake, but also shows your personal taste celebrity dresses.

Rough and strong earrings have become a superb item in the past few seasons, both on the show and on the street. Asymmetrical, shaped, shiny, as long as it is large enough to attract people’s attention.

When the color of the body is too monotonous and the body is thick and mediocre, the colorful, outstretched or shiny combination earrings can mobilize the activity of the overall shape.

For example, in the basic shape of All Black, the metallic big earrings can improve the overall texture.

And “unconventional” can always be easily noticeable, so a pair of asymmetrical or interesting shaped earrings is the only magic weapon.

Bright eye piece 2: printed scarf

As a warm item in the winter, the scarf can change the overall style of the clothing in addition to keeping warm. The same body, with different colors and styles of scarves can create a completely different feeling.

The most eye-catching item in winter, it looks good with whatever you wear.

Among them, the large shawl and scarf are the most common, and the large-area monochrome scarf can easily create a cool, simple and atmospheric style. It is completely no problem to create a lazy casual feel with its embellishment.

The most eye-catching item in winter, with it to wear whatever you want, it looks good in the most eye-catching items in winter, and it looks good when you wear it casually.

If the color of the body is too monotonous, you can make a fuss about the color of the scarf. Use the eye-catching scarf as the overall color of the overall shape to create a sense of conflict, so that the overall color is even more brilliant.

The most eye-catching item in winter, it looks good with whatever you wear.

The most eye-catching item in winter, it looks good with whatever you wear.

The big scarf is warm but inevitably brings some bloated feeling. At this time, the silk scarf with a little temperature and color has become a light accessory in this season. Different printed scarves add a touch of elegant femininity to the boring look, gentle and romantic….

The scarf is only opened in winter, so I don’t want to wrap it around!

This day is getting colder and colder. Every time I go out with a door and screaming into my neck, it is time for the scarf to appear!

As a must-have item for the winter season, it is not only warm and practical, but also a weapon for exquisite girl’s concave shape. With the blessing of the scarf, you will become the focus of the audience in minutes celebrity dresses!

How can I get a scarf, how to tie it, but also let me know how to drop it. Let’s introduce Xiaobian to you, let’s introduce it to you. Don’t want your neck to be cold. You must watch this issue!

Scarf style
Solid color

First of all, the solid color scarf can be said to be the most basic and versatile. You don’t have to worry about being outdated, and you can get along with any single item in the winter.


As a model of the British style, the plaid scarf is still the darling of the fashion circle. The classic elements like the Houndstooth, the checkerboard, the Scottish plaid and so on are also essential drops every year~


Compared with the simple solid color or the British retro plaid scarf, the design and color matching of the printed scarf will be more abundant. The effect of the concave shape is first-class, and you will become more fashionable and fashionable in minutes~

Leopard prints or letter-colored scarfs are more energetic and age-reducing.


How can you get a little furry piece in winter? The soft one is not only comfortable and warm, but also high-grade. Compared with the traditional scarf, this style is not only comfortable, but also more eye-catching!

In addition to being able to be used as a scarf, you can also hang it on your shoulders, put it in your hand or hang it on your bag to embellish the overall match~ the effect will be better.

Scarf match

Scarf + coat can be said to be a must-have for winter! The combination of coat and scarf is available to everyone, and whether it is the same sense of the same color, or the contrast of the contrast, you can make your fashion value up!

If you think that the solid color is too simple, you can also try this color matching or checkered, printed models more chic.

If you want to be more eye-catching, consider working on the color scheme of the scarf, choose a scarf with a higher saturation to brighten the overall look, and break the dull winter~

Like a large striped print scarf, you can use the shawl method directly, and put the scarf around your shoulders in a simple circle, which can highlight the highlights of the scarf and give you an elegant atmosphere, especially with tassels. The style will be stronger and more dynamic.

Or use the same color scarf to match, light and dark, intertwined, and subtly blend into one~

The coat with a solid color scarf and checkered pattern is also completely unobtrusive. It is placed on the inner side of the coat, only slightly revealing the neckline, low-key and layered.

If you want to be more chic, you can use a knit sweater to use it as a scarf~

The plaid coat with color matching or striped print scarf compares the test with the skill, you can use the contrast color to highlight the key points, so the layering will be more vivid.

The woven hemp scarf with the British style plaid suit, velvet wide-leg pants, plus the support of the beret, to create a modern retro girl’s sense of sight.

With eye-catching letters, color-matched scarves are more difficult to match than solid-colored scarves. At this time, the color and style of the clothes should not be too complicated. You can use this simple small leather coat or cotton pad to highlight the highlights of the scarf.

You can also use the principle of smooth color, match the pants with the same color as the scarf, and lengthen the overall proportion, so even if you match the long down jacket, you don’t have to worry about pressing it.

Diverse system

Compared with the shawl that transforms the shape of the “devil”, the bib-shaped circle is the road to create a truly relaxed and chic, it is also the most warm wearing method while maintaining exquisiteness.

There is also a “Xu Wenqiang” hanging neck system, as long as the scarf is placed under the neck, it is very easy and easy to have a fan, and this is very friendly to the short neck star.

When you want to let yourself go a little more, you can choose to lengthen the scarf. After one lap, let the scarf fall down your shoulders. It seems to be casual but very fashionable.

Choose a small tip for a scarf
1 material

Xiaobian thinks that the scarf is the second most popular winter item in addition to the bottoming shirt. It is better to choose the skin-friendly material such as cashmere/cotton, so it is more safe to remember.

2 colors

Those colors that you think will make you black, please remember to avoid buying! Don’t ignore ta’s “black ability” because the size of the scarf is small, because the color closest to the face directly determines your skin color, and the scarf just takes this responsibility!