I didn’t expect the dull autumn and winter to be saved by the bottoming shirt.

Recently, the weather is getting colder and colder. Before you go out, are you still worried about what you wear today? You always have a bad temperature, too thick, too hot, too hot and worried about cold. Every day, you face a whole wardrobe, but you don’t know. what to wear celebrity dresses.


Especially for a season, I always feel that last year’s clothes are not worthy of today’s excellent self, warm cotton clothes are fat and unfashionable, good-looking small shirts can’t resist cold… and in order to reduce the matching time, you are It’s not a black and white gray coat and a fall coat full of wardrobes. This is the real reason why you think the autumn and winter are dull.

       Indeed, in the face of this wave of national cooling, the “dead enemy” Qiuyi Qiuku trousers in the fashion circle was grandly debuted, but as a national single that has been disguised and had to be worn, this year’s bottoming shirt is playing in the fashion circle. A perfect turnaround!

        Not only is it easy to keep warm, but the key is to make you confident and bold. “Everything is the most practical foundation. Whether it’s single or worn, it’s very beautiful, stylish and cold. It’s like a Zhang Bai paper, you can match all the styles, and it is very flexible.

So don’t think that the bottoming shirt is rustic and not warm. Now the black technology will open the door to your new world. The HEATTECH series of Uniqlo is the “technical responsibility” of its home, and it will take you to say goodbye to the bloated with high-tech warmth. The HEATTECH series is very thin and light because it is made of high-tech microfiber. It fits well with the skin and is not bloated at all. And we usually wear a lot in winter, but some clothes are poorly wicked. In a mild air-conditioned heating room, or sweating after a little exercise, it will stick to the body, and then it is really cold!

         However, the HEATTECH series adopts the ultra-magic “fiber absorption and heat generation” principle, which saves the body’s evaporated water for heat and heat, absorbs heat and is comfortable and dry. Moreover, the special structure of the fiber can form an air belt, which is equivalent to an isolation layer. Not only can it generate heat, but it can also reduce the entry of cold air and keep warm for a long time. This way, both the warmth and the light and stylish bottoming shirts are of course how to wear them.

        Still, the bottom is not successful, and there is a style to speak! A good-looking and excellent bottoming shirt that allows you to take off your coat and make it a stylish debut. Quickly let go of your “autumn clothes” impression of the bottoming shirt, this time let Uniqlo launch a new and colorful 2019 HEATTECH series bottoming shirt to help us solve this difficult problem~ use the bottoming shirt to save the wear, stylish The whole autumn and winter.

Nowadays, the most common basic styles and colors of the bottom shirts on the market should be black and burgundy. It should be known that in the fashion of reincarnation, such classic colors are the easiest to wear a sense of style and high quality. In particular, using the most popular stacking method now, you are absolutely not afraid to show the bottoming shirt.

        UNIQLO HEATTECH series of slim bottoming shirts with loose high-waist slacks, this tightly loose loose dressing tips, can easily and effectively improve the waistline, modify the proportion of the body, put a layer in the windbreaker The color shirt not only increases the level of interest in the overall shape, but also makes the entire look city modern. Especially the black bottoming shirt, the contrast with the color of the white shirt is very eye-catching, refreshing and capable, and has the fashionable attributes of the self-contained gas field without any effort. This kind of stacking method is a gentleman’s style when wearing a boy, and the girl is also handsome. And the HEATTECH series are very thin and light, can fit the skin very well, keep warm and not bloated at all.

Wearing such a matching commute is really low-key and connotation, especially this burgundy bottoming shirt, not only the color is high, but also adds a conjoined design on the traditional version, the design breaks the dull and highlights the female neck. The elegance and femininity of the department show the beautiful chest lines, and it is easy to avoid the shackles that come out of the pants because of the too big movements.

        In order to accentuate the layering, you can open the outside and have the protection of the HEATTECH series bottoming shirt without worrying about the cold. HEATTECH’s fiber not only absorbs heat, but also has a special structure that can form an air belt, which is equivalent to an isolation. Floor. Not only can it generate heat, but it can also reduce the entry of cold air and keep warm for a long time.

         Don’t think that the bottoming shirt can only become fashionable with the commuter dress, and the casual bottoming shirt is still inferior.

Wild warm color

UNIQLO’s new HEATTECH range adds more base and bright colors. Whether the base color is worn inside or worn alone, it can be worn with a simple casual comfort, and it can be combined with trendy clothing to increase the overall sense of layering.

The increase in the color of the bright color provides more choices for the collocation, so that a simple bottoming shirt can be styled according to different aesthetics. This change also gives the bottoming shirt more possibilities.

       Ginger high-necked bottoming shirt can be said to be the most suitable for autumn and winter colors, with a casual blazer and jeans, a clean and neat combination but also very youthful and energetic, such a match with a profile is not unassuming But it looks full of taste, refined and advanced.

        Although the high-neck bottoming shirt looks ordinary, but the high-necked design without the sense of the skin, coupled with the skin-friendly fabric, whether it is high-necked, stacked or half-high collar, can best show the curve of the wearer’s neck. Especially for friends who are not very confident in the length of their neck, the small high-necked collar can definitely improve the strength and avoid weakness, modify the neck line, super wear.

        The bottoming shirt is only a high-necked one. The HEATTECH series of functional bottoming shirts can be said to be a good effort in the neckline design. The round neck, V-neck and even two lapel collars, especially the design of the ballet neckline can best show the elegance of the neck. The lines, quietly revealing your collarbone, let you indulge in an elegant and gentle femininity. The most important thing is that the four colors are free to match, even if you wear it alone, it is also full of design, truly stylish and warm.

Double comfort

If you think that only the bright color of the bottoming shirt can make the autumn and winter warm, then it is wrong, as long as the pair can still wear a warm winter. The most classic black and white striped bottoming shirt, with a white coat, the same color echoes, and then the beret and college wind bag blessing, so that the whole LOOK more literary atmosphere, with a high waist check skirt, elegant Youth is one-of-a-kind, even if you attend a formal occasion.

        This kind of bottoming shirt has no problem even if it is worn alone. It has a minimalist tailoring method, clear and neat lines, pure, warm and humanized, which is closer to life itself, and the tailoring and wrapping design is excellent. It’s easy to show the lines on the body, plus the light fabric, it won’t look bloated on the body. You definitely deserve it.

        In addition to the design so that you are not afraid to wear alone, the warmth performance is nothing to say, in addition to the classic HEATTECH, Uniqlo also introduced a “warm warm” and “super warm” version of HEATTECH. The texture is thicker and suitable for different temperatures. Moreover, Uniqlo has also introduced the long-awaited HEATTECH Ultra Warm to the children, which is 2.0 times warmer than the ordinary HEATTECH. By absorbing the water vapor evaporated from the body and converting it into heat, the children are It feels comfortable when worn alone or in a jacket with a cold environment. Bring more winter fun to the lively children.

        In addition to the performance so that you are not afraid of the cold, the sweet CP out of the street is the warmest in autumn and winter, don’t look just a burgundy bottoming shirt, with a denim jacket and casual pants, you can instantly become a fashionable boy Although it is better to wear a bottoming shirt with girls, it is more comfortable to wear, the same color is matched with the matching, the fashion is not monotonous, and then with a checkered scarf, so the small details of the cp feel really sweet teeth! Who said that lovers must be exactly the same.

Universal stacking

How can the most gorgeous autumns have such clean and pure colors as blue and green? The dark green bottoming shirt is tied into the skirt, and the combination with the corduroy suit can well follow the rules of the whole body color of no more than three, retaining both elegance and practical wear. Moreover, you can also tie the plaid shirt with a smooth color on the waist, and make a small knot. Uniqlo HEATTECH series is full of colors, no matter what style you want to match, you can find it easily~

        The autumn high in October is always inseparable from the warm bottoming shirt and lamb coat. Navy blue bottoming shirts not only provide a minimalist cool-looking look, but even with an open lamb coat and a light blue plaid shirt, the Uniqlo HEATTECH collection can be worn without fear of autumn breeze.

After reading so many bottoming shirts, are you still not motivated? Colorful colors, free to do whatever is convenient and easy to achieve, let us refuse the cold without color, feel the UNIQLO HEATTECH series with the color of the base to light the entire autumn and winter!

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