No wind and sound waves come! Explosive Wuxi!

On October 26th, the air-conditioned and windless art museum of the United States airborne Wuxi, and sent the beauty of nature to the city, bringing you the comfort of “no wind”. In addition, the air conditioner and Suning Tesco jointly sponsored by you. The windless “2019 US Air Conditioning Windless Music Festival National Tour is also singing in Wuxi. The windless singer Li Jiansen, Liu Wei, Apple, and the national music pioneer Shosta, the soul singer Wang Yifu gathered in Suning Square, and awakened the originality of Wuxi with a super-burning windless sound.

The all-round singer Shosta brings original works “Wuxi”, “Liangxi Story”, “Life and Death” to the strong resonance of Wuxi fans, and also uses the national tide elements to make the works glow unexpectedly.
Liu Wei, who had a lot of “Windless Composing Legends” in the third season of the air-conditioning original music competition in the United States, has a rich jazz-style “No Wind Life”, elegant and romantic, hidden with deep skill and talent. gas celebrity dresses.
Known as the “soul singer”, Wang Yifu played on the scene of the bombing, and used the thick and magnetic voice to shake the heart of the fans. And after the 00, the sweet voice of the singer, Jiang Jiang, brought the “slightly sweet summer”, and told the audience about the beautiful expectations of summer life.

Singing all-rounders, Haiguimei Shaojian Li Jiansen took a very hot song, “Living VIVA”, and performed a new “VIVA Carnival Party” with the band and fans. A song sings, Li Jiansen continues to send the windless original music “This world I have no wind for you”, and the original music “everything for you”, etc., cheering on the scene, a layer of cover, a distinctive personality The “little aria” pushed the atmosphere to the climax again and again.
It is reported that the Windless Music Festival is a music “business card” that is beautifully launched by Midea Air Conditioning to help Chinese original musicians. The reason why we want to support original music is that original music and the beauty of the air-conditioner respect originality and focus on innovation. Let us call together for the singer of the dream catcher, for music, for the original voice!

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