YG’s model is 18 years old and is 178 tall. Even the documents are beautiful and have nothing to say!

Everyone knows that YG is one of the largest and most entertaining entertainment brokers in Korea. Its artists have just retired Quan Zhilong, and WINNER and BLACKPINK. In fact, there is also a YG K+ department, which is specialized in producing powerful models. Today, one of the most popular female models, Yan Yizhen, is just about to become an adult!

Can be a model of YG, it must be her extraordinary! As a proper 00, when she was 18 years old, she was 178cm tall, not to mention girls. This advantage is not even envied by many boys!

Yan Yizhen has a height of 178cm. It is definitely a natural hanger, and there are gorgeous long legs. Plus 18 is the best time for youth. Her photos are full of youthful and full of vigour celebrity dresses. .

But don’t look at Yan Yizhen, who is only 18 years old. In fact, she was already a proper professional model when she was only fourteen years ago. At the age of four, she gave off her arrogant atmosphere. Ba Ping Korean fashion circle, international big names like Dior come to Seoul to do big show will definitely see her figure.

At the entrance of the show, she is one of the photographers’ favorite objects to capture. Standing in the crowd, the 178CM’s head and excellent dressing taste are really difficult for people to keep their eyes on her.

Privately, it is a very typical girl who likes to wear a variety of beautiful photos on the Ins, collagen on the face, natural apple muscle, elegant swan neck and charming clavicle.

When she was 15 years old, she had a fire. Many people also became her powder. I didn’t expect to have long-term disability. Instead, she opened all the way on the road to beauty. If you say that everyday beauty is not enough, I did not expect that Yan Yizhen’s photo ID is so beautiful that there is nothing to say!

Yan Yizhen’s wearing is very strong, and the simple and casual route is taken with the most common items. Every time the street shooting is very eye-catching, the sweet smile is plus! The T-shirt with jeans is the most simple and generous, highlighting the vitality, with an orange knit cardigan is very conspicuous.

The combination of white shirts and sweaters is also a way for many people to wear them. With a pink sweater, you can become a beautiful girl! Put the tail of the dress into the trousers, which will lengthen the proportion of the body!

Yan Yizhen is really perfect for any clothes, white striped top with a pink jacket, the girl’s temperament, with a retro look with curly hair.

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