Make-up wear is very treasure, 40 years old is also a beautiful age!

I believe that everyone knows the Korean actress who is frequently on the hot search, such as Yanya, Jennie, and Lisa, but Xiaobian wants to introduce a Korean actress Han Yiser who is frequently on the hot search because of her beauty.

Many people may not know her name, but everyone will be amazed to see her face. It’s really a woman, the state can be played, from the body to the face value all online, swag full of gas field super. Recently, she has participated in several activities that have caused heated discussions between Chinese and Korean netizens. Let’s take a look celebrity dresses!

A while ago, Han Yiser attended the event, and he didn’t blink in the crazy flash photography. So many flashes and even the pictures were all white. The movements were still natural, cute and sexy. The whole process was full of reporters’ surprise.

Han Yisi should be regarded as a typical case of “people to middle-aged red”. What is the middle age? O’Neill was born in 81 years. The algorithm of Korean age is 40 years old this year, but it is unimaginable that her face and body are 40 years old!

She is not a fashion blogger. Han Yiser is a real actor. With the help of the lost memory of the “Fantasy Couple”, she won the Excellent Actress Award, Excellent Popularity Award, and the film debut in the MBC Performance Awards. “Eight-faced Miss Shen” won the 45th Korea Film Big Bell Award and the 29th Korea Youth Dragon Film Festival Best Female Newcomer Award, which really won the award.

In addition to acting, Han Yiser’s makeup and wearing are very treasured, a low-cut sling dress with long boots, showing a sense of chic beauty. Coupled with the thick eye makeup of the vampire, it creates a decadent and sexy look.

Every time I see a photo of Han Se Yi, Xiao Bian must feel that this woman is really not old? But as Orni said, forty years old is also a beautiful age!

Han Yi Se, in addition to wearing a very own set of clothes, feels like a beauty blogger, she has a lot of super beautiful makeup, this dark makeup of Halloween, really super A, is simply noble and beautiful snakes and beautiful women themselves .

This set of Halloween costumes, both for makeup and wear, wants to give full marks, horror and sex, and full of gas!

The floral dress can’t hide the good figure of O’Neill. The makeup of the black red lips makes the whole look look domineering, and the atmosphere of the royal sister.

I have been making new attempts and challenges. I started to learn to record Vlog on YouTube and share my life with everyone. Her YouTube channel has actually caught up with IU and became the second most profitable female star in South Korea. Not afraid.

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