The scarf is only opened in winter, so I don’t want to wrap it around!

This day is getting colder and colder. Every time I go out with a door and screaming into my neck, it is time for the scarf to appear!

As a must-have item for the winter season, it is not only warm and practical, but also a weapon for exquisite girl’s concave shape. With the blessing of the scarf, you will become the focus of the audience in minutes celebrity dresses!

How can I get a scarf, how to tie it, but also let me know how to drop it. Let’s introduce Xiaobian to you, let’s introduce it to you. Don’t want your neck to be cold. You must watch this issue!

Scarf style
Solid color

First of all, the solid color scarf can be said to be the most basic and versatile. You don’t have to worry about being outdated, and you can get along with any single item in the winter.


As a model of the British style, the plaid scarf is still the darling of the fashion circle. The classic elements like the Houndstooth, the checkerboard, the Scottish plaid and so on are also essential drops every year~


Compared with the simple solid color or the British retro plaid scarf, the design and color matching of the printed scarf will be more abundant. The effect of the concave shape is first-class, and you will become more fashionable and fashionable in minutes~

Leopard prints or letter-colored scarfs are more energetic and age-reducing.


How can you get a little furry piece in winter? The soft one is not only comfortable and warm, but also high-grade. Compared with the traditional scarf, this style is not only comfortable, but also more eye-catching!

In addition to being able to be used as a scarf, you can also hang it on your shoulders, put it in your hand or hang it on your bag to embellish the overall match~ the effect will be better.

Scarf match

Scarf + coat can be said to be a must-have for winter! The combination of coat and scarf is available to everyone, and whether it is the same sense of the same color, or the contrast of the contrast, you can make your fashion value up!

If you think that the solid color is too simple, you can also try this color matching or checkered, printed models more chic.

If you want to be more eye-catching, consider working on the color scheme of the scarf, choose a scarf with a higher saturation to brighten the overall look, and break the dull winter~

Like a large striped print scarf, you can use the shawl method directly, and put the scarf around your shoulders in a simple circle, which can highlight the highlights of the scarf and give you an elegant atmosphere, especially with tassels. The style will be stronger and more dynamic.

Or use the same color scarf to match, light and dark, intertwined, and subtly blend into one~

The coat with a solid color scarf and checkered pattern is also completely unobtrusive. It is placed on the inner side of the coat, only slightly revealing the neckline, low-key and layered.

If you want to be more chic, you can use a knit sweater to use it as a scarf~

The plaid coat with color matching or striped print scarf compares the test with the skill, you can use the contrast color to highlight the key points, so the layering will be more vivid.

The woven hemp scarf with the British style plaid suit, velvet wide-leg pants, plus the support of the beret, to create a modern retro girl’s sense of sight.

With eye-catching letters, color-matched scarves are more difficult to match than solid-colored scarves. At this time, the color and style of the clothes should not be too complicated. You can use this simple small leather coat or cotton pad to highlight the highlights of the scarf.

You can also use the principle of smooth color, match the pants with the same color as the scarf, and lengthen the overall proportion, so even if you match the long down jacket, you don’t have to worry about pressing it.

Diverse system

Compared with the shawl that transforms the shape of the “devil”, the bib-shaped circle is the road to create a truly relaxed and chic, it is also the most warm wearing method while maintaining exquisiteness.

There is also a “Xu Wenqiang” hanging neck system, as long as the scarf is placed under the neck, it is very easy and easy to have a fan, and this is very friendly to the short neck star.

When you want to let yourself go a little more, you can choose to lengthen the scarf. After one lap, let the scarf fall down your shoulders. It seems to be casual but very fashionable.

Choose a small tip for a scarf
1 material

Xiaobian thinks that the scarf is the second most popular winter item in addition to the bottoming shirt. It is better to choose the skin-friendly material such as cashmere/cotton, so it is more safe to remember.

2 colors

Those colors that you think will make you black, please remember to avoid buying! Don’t ignore ta’s “black ability” because the size of the scarf is small, because the color closest to the face directly determines your skin color, and the scarf just takes this responsibility!

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