The most eye-catching item in winter, it looks good with whatever you wear.

As the weather gets colder and colder, the road people are not able to wear the styling, and they have wrapped themselves into scorpions.

Even the stars who usually look at the airport PK are not able to withstand the low temperatures in the winter, and there is a tacit understanding of the temporary truce, which seems to be goodbye to fashion.

But even so, the fashion masters vowed to become a fashion scorpion! Since you can’t play tricks on your clothes, you can use your heart to get rid of the heavy and boring shapes.

In fact, it doesn’t matter how thick the clothes are. Just a few bright eyes can save the dull shape of the deep winter. Don’t believe it!

Bright eye single product: flamboyant earrings

The importance of jewelry for clothing and accessories is self-evident. It has a combination of quality and design, which not only makes the styling icing on the cake, but also shows your personal taste celebrity dresses.

Rough and strong earrings have become a superb item in the past few seasons, both on the show and on the street. Asymmetrical, shaped, shiny, as long as it is large enough to attract people’s attention.

When the color of the body is too monotonous and the body is thick and mediocre, the colorful, outstretched or shiny combination earrings can mobilize the activity of the overall shape.

For example, in the basic shape of All Black, the metallic big earrings can improve the overall texture.

And “unconventional” can always be easily noticeable, so a pair of asymmetrical or interesting shaped earrings is the only magic weapon.

Bright eye piece 2: printed scarf

As a warm item in the winter, the scarf can change the overall style of the clothing in addition to keeping warm. The same body, with different colors and styles of scarves can create a completely different feeling.

The most eye-catching item in winter, it looks good with whatever you wear.

Among them, the large shawl and scarf are the most common, and the large-area monochrome scarf can easily create a cool, simple and atmospheric style. It is completely no problem to create a lazy casual feel with its embellishment.

The most eye-catching item in winter, with it to wear whatever you want, it looks good in the most eye-catching items in winter, and it looks good when you wear it casually.

If the color of the body is too monotonous, you can make a fuss about the color of the scarf. Use the eye-catching scarf as the overall color of the overall shape to create a sense of conflict, so that the overall color is even more brilliant.

The most eye-catching item in winter, it looks good with whatever you wear.

The most eye-catching item in winter, it looks good with whatever you wear.

The big scarf is warm but inevitably brings some bloated feeling. At this time, the silk scarf with a little temperature and color has become a light accessory in this season. Different printed scarves add a touch of elegant femininity to the boring look, gentle and romantic….

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