Modest and gentleman, such as the star collection: a subset of Wenchuang

When the Qing Dynasty’s rising tide talks about literati reading in “Yun Meng Ying”, it can match the time series to make reading more interesting and become an elegant aesthetic activity. Explain that the winter reading is suitable for contemplation; the summer reading history can be hearty; the autumn high school students have a unique charm; until the spring back to the earth, reading the literati works of all ages is full of interest.

Today’s high-speed social machine can enjoy the quiet moment of reading, which is a luxury. In Chengdu, there are many high-rise buildings, and there is a contemporary garden hidden in the middle of nowhere. It is like a modern peach blossom source, which can be enjoyed by tourists and attracts every visitor celebrity dresses.
The layered forest springs are set aside, and the patchwork of water is lively and vivid, guiding people’s eyes to the entrance of the building. The elegant and quiet courtyard provides an exquisite landscape for the entire building space, and the integrated interior and exterior planning gives a sense of tranquility.

Build a reading space to continue the gas field in the big environment. Chengdu is a city defined by “easy” and “Ba Shi”, filled with fields of slowness, human feelings and life. Based on this, the Qiqing design team strives to create a warm and textured space with simple and plain characters.

A modest gentleman, such as a star, is a subset of the world. Entering the door is a sky, the layers of acrylic sheets are like clouds, interspersed with large and small planet lights, bringing people into the vast space of the universe, separating the chaos of the world, seeing the heart and starting a self-exploration. journey of.
The simplicity emphasized by the designer is consistently executed throughout the space. The airiness of the white ceiling, the sense of security of the original wood, entices the natural image, because people can only be comfortable in the natural environment, and the relaxed and light atmosphere makes the whole space have a light and tasteful style.

Opening the Kindle is a quiet silhouette of a tree backed by a tree. Relying on + reading is a state of leisure that enjoys peace. Humans with forward-looking eyes edit the sense of security of “back-to-back” in the genes, while focusing on one direction, giving people access to knowledge and wisdom. A tree-shaped bookcase in space provides a solace for reading trees.

Entering the core area of ​​the pick-up, the two-storey bookshelf becomes the dominant element, defining the theme and spirit of the venue, raising the ambience of the space, and the staircase treatment integrates the fullness of the bookshelf function, immersing people in the ocean of a book. in.

Taoism is natural, naturally, the underlying logic of this oriental thinking is that people are inherently close to nature, designers let green plants spread all over the corners, while large floor-to-ceiling windows bring the vitality and light of the garden into the room, and the comfortable environment makes people Constantly inspiring and lingering.

As a completely open space, the designer’s goal is to make the best relaxation. The combination of island cabinets and sofas separates the independent art space. Walk around the different functional areas without obvious separation, pick up a book and sit down and read quietly.
Walking on the platform, while the top of the bookshelf is raised, it is constantly convex, forming a fold line, forming a kind of closeness, and the geometric structure also coincides with the sharp and angular refinement of the whole building.
Reading this is a lazy and noble activity. In particular, reading some sensible novels, lazy people’s main consciousness is relaxed, showing an open state, then inputting and accepting those characters and bridges, as if inhaled in the book, always expecting a piece of encounter, experience a moment of jaundice Sweet dreams.

The noble part comes from the spirit. In reading, the author said that we want to say it without saying it, and we are unanimous. The spirit is soared and interacts with the author, as if the old friend talked, and the buddy argued and understood the real world more stereoscopically. Reading provided an excellent solution.
The multi-purpose hall on the second floor uses freely-assembled movable furniture to make it functionally flexible. While creating a relaxed reading environment, it can also flexibly undertake various small and medium-sized cultural and creative activities.

Under an asymmetrical shaped ceiling, the art of hanging suspended books, floating in the air to form an array of dancing, inspiration flying up the sky, like a dream or a fairy tale scene, inaccessible and so true. The embellished blue-green color pulls the color tension to make the space calm and indifferent.
The lush outdoor landscape, such as the scrolls, is an important part of the space. Unobstructed interior, the ground seems to be endlessly extended, into the beauty, on a certain level to create a meditation space.
Reading a good book, more than one kind of comprehension, can be the light and taste of “Cai Gen Tan”, or it can be the ambition of “Small Window”, or the simplicity and simplicity of “Baosheng Gossip”. Reading can also be a landscape, a space, need to have a heart, be calm, and enjoy yourself.

 Qi Qing Design Founder Yu Qing

He graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Hunan Normal University in 2002. He has been engaged in the creative, research and landing of interior design from 2002 to 2019. He has a high-lighting class in Tongji University in 2017. He obtained a master’s degree in project management from the University of Greenwich in the UK in 2018. Chairman of the Guangdong Soft Decoration Association, the director of the Shenzhen Interior Designers Association, and the director of the Shenzhen Furnishing Art Association.

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