Do not understand color matching? These color matching formulas are quick to learn

As the weather gets colder every day, facing the clothes full of a cupboard at home, do you think there is no clothes at home, I honestly tell you, it is because you will not wear them.

But is it true that we have been talking about it every day? Why have you studied for so many years or not? Actually, it is very simple. You just don’t know the principle. You wear the style, and the color is the color. In many cases, the high-level feeling of dressing is not because you wear more. Your expensive clothes will not be produced because you are beautiful. Many times, some color combinations can help people find a suitable high-level feeling celebrity dresses.

So today I want to share with you how to quickly learn color matching, as long as you master the logic of color matching, easy to play with.

Logic one: the main color? Auxiliary color? Dotted color?

When you hear these three words, are you all embarrassed? Don’t worry, it’s very simple. The main color is the color with the most color area, which is about 60% of the whole body area. Most of them are coats, pants and skirts. The auxiliary color is the color that matches the main color, accounting for about 40% of the whole body area, mostly for tops, shirts, vests, etc.; the embellishment color generally only accounts for 5%-15% of the whole body area, mostly silk scarves and hats. , shoes, bags, etc.

The main color, auxiliary color and embellishment color of the match are clearly defined. According to this rule, our match will naturally give a harmonious beauty of the primary and secondary.

Just like the street beat in the picture below, the primary and secondary colors are harmonious, the main color is khaki, and the auxiliary color is brown of the same color, and the embellishment color is red. It is very comfortable to mix together, and the distinct layering is both stylish and atmospheric.

Logic 2: The whole body does not exceed three colors

No more than 3 colors up and down the whole body, it is the safest and most classic color rule, especially for novices, when the color is a lot, it is easy to look cheap and cheesy. Many times simple is advanced, less is more.

Therefore, for novices, before you are not skilled in using color, you must first learn to reduce the color of your body, and out of the wild color of black and white, the body is not easy to exceed three colors, just like the makeup on the face only needs one Two points.

In fact, many times a simple color match will have surprising effects, such as the most commonly worn sweaters in autumn and winter. We choose fresh grass green, with white with the same fresh attributes. This is the simplest two colors. Inter-ups can also give people an unexpected surprise, change the autumn troubles, plus a goose egg yolk embellished color sunglasses, easily concave fashion girl feeling.

Logic 3: the same color echoes fashion and versatility

The biggest feature of the same color system is the simplicity, the similar colors are matched together, and it also conforms to the principle of no more than three colors of the whole body, so it gives a particularly clean and high-grade sense, while at the same time not lacking layering.

The biggest advantage of the same color system is that it is simple and simple, the overall shape is clean and uniform, and there is no extra color to divide the whole body, and the body is more slim and slim. Of course, the same color wear does not mean that all the items must be a color, as long as the color of the upper and lower items is echoed, it is the principle of our color echo.

It’s also blue, but because of the difference in material and color saturation, it also creates a layered feel, and like the dark side of the sketch, it creates a three-dimensional effect, so how to match it with a hue? No mistakes, color whites can try it with confidence.

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