Small supermodel Zhang Jiawen finale unveiled at China International Fashion Week “Smart” interpretation of DKLTJU new series

On October 31st, the DKLTJU brand brought the new series “Lingyue” to the T-stage of 2020 Spring and Summer·China International Fashion Week. The small supermodel Zhang Jiawen finale was unveiled at the press conference, and the new series of DK was interpreted.   The “Lingyue” series released by DK is inspired by the classic fashion […]

A white T-shirt goes to the world? The Korean girl’s wear is not heavy every day, and my colleagues are jealous.

Recently, Xiao Bian discovered a Korean blogger Elborn living in Paris. Her dress style is very French and uniform, and she has a temperament. This simple color tone looks just superior. She is not only a fashion blogger, but also has her own brand elborn, a proper clothing store owner! Usually, I wear my own […]

The national tide blooms Jinxiu Oriental | Shangpin home and the Palace Palace culture launch new Chinese joint space

As a cultural symbol with a history of nearly 600 years, the Forbidden City has many palace complexes and cultural relics and historic sites, and has become a typical symbol of Chinese traditional culture. For the masses, living in the Forbidden City may be a very desirable experience. On October 30th, the co-branded new Chinese-style […]

[Burning Passion, Dancing the Whole City] WOD LIVE World Dance Competition Tour China’s First Station Shining Magic Capital

On October 19, 2019, in the expectation of countless people, the first stop of the tour of the WOD LIVE World Dance Competition in China was ushered in. Dynamic and frenetic music, passionate dances, and a strong sense of experience, always challenge people’s eager to move. Every cell in the body seems to be screaming, […]

Do not understand color matching? These color matching formulas are quick to learn

As the weather gets colder every day, facing the clothes full of a cupboard at home, do you think there is no clothes at home, I honestly tell you, it is because you will not wear them. But is it true that we have been talking about it every day? Why have you studied for […]

Modest and gentleman, such as the star collection: a subset of Wenchuang

When the Qing Dynasty’s rising tide talks about literati reading in “Yun Meng Ying”, it can match the time series to make reading more interesting and become an elegant aesthetic activity. Explain that the winter reading is suitable for contemplation; the summer reading history can be hearty; the autumn high school students have a unique […]

The most eye-catching item in winter, it looks good with whatever you wear.

As the weather gets colder and colder, the road people are not able to wear the styling, and they have wrapped themselves into scorpions. Even the stars who usually look at the airport PK are not able to withstand the low temperatures in the winter, and there is a tacit understanding of the temporary truce, […]

The scarf is only opened in winter, so I don’t want to wrap it around!

This day is getting colder and colder. Every time I go out with a door and screaming into my neck, it is time for the scarf to appear! As a must-have item for the winter season, it is not only warm and practical, but also a weapon for exquisite girl’s concave shape. With the blessing […]

Let Mongolian elements talk to the world: Mongolian elements first boarded China International Fashion Week

Introduction: On October 25th, the 2020 Spring/Summer Collection China International Fashion Week was grandly opened. Among them, the Mongolian element team and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Women’s Federation held the “Prairie Embroidery Dreams, the Hearts of the Grassland – Inner Mongolia Bushi Rose & Mongolian Elemental National Costume Fashion Show”, which tells the story […]

Make-up wear is very treasure, 40 years old is also a beautiful age!

I believe that everyone knows the Korean actress who is frequently on the hot search, such as Yanya, Jennie, and Lisa, but Xiaobian wants to introduce a Korean actress Han Yiser who is frequently on the hot search because of her beauty. Many people may not know her name, but everyone will be amazed to […]