YG’s model is 18 years old and is 178 tall. Even the documents are beautiful and have nothing to say!

Everyone knows that YG is one of the largest and most entertaining entertainment brokers in Korea. Its artists have just retired Quan Zhilong, and WINNER and BLACKPINK. In fact, there is also a YG K+ department, which is specialized in producing powerful models. Today, one of the most popular female models, Yan Yizhen, is just about to become an adult!

Can be a model of YG, it must be her extraordinary! As a proper 00, when she was 18 years old, she was 178cm tall, not to mention girls. This advantage is not even envied by many boys!

Yan Yizhen has a height of 178cm. It is definitely a natural hanger, and there are gorgeous long legs. Plus 18 is the best time for youth. Her photos are full of youthful and full of vigour celebrity dresses. .

But don’t look at Yan Yizhen, who is only 18 years old. In fact, she was already a proper professional model when she was only fourteen years ago. At the age of four, she gave off her arrogant atmosphere. Ba Ping Korean fashion circle, international big names like Dior come to Seoul to do big show will definitely see her figure.

At the entrance of the show, she is one of the photographers’ favorite objects to capture. Standing in the crowd, the 178CM’s head and excellent dressing taste are really difficult for people to keep their eyes on her.

Privately, it is a very typical girl who likes to wear a variety of beautiful photos on the Ins, collagen on the face, natural apple muscle, elegant swan neck and charming clavicle.

When she was 15 years old, she had a fire. Many people also became her powder. I didn’t expect to have long-term disability. Instead, she opened all the way on the road to beauty. If you say that everyday beauty is not enough, I did not expect that Yan Yizhen’s photo ID is so beautiful that there is nothing to say!

Yan Yizhen’s wearing is very strong, and the simple and casual route is taken with the most common items. Every time the street shooting is very eye-catching, the sweet smile is plus! The T-shirt with jeans is the most simple and generous, highlighting the vitality, with an orange knit cardigan is very conspicuous.

The combination of white shirts and sweaters is also a way for many people to wear them. With a pink sweater, you can become a beautiful girl! Put the tail of the dress into the trousers, which will lengthen the proportion of the body!

Yan Yizhen is really perfect for any clothes, white striped top with a pink jacket, the girl’s temperament, with a retro look with curly hair.

No wind and sound waves come! Explosive Wuxi!

On October 26th, the air-conditioned and windless art museum of the United States airborne Wuxi, and sent the beauty of nature to the city, bringing you the comfort of “no wind”. In addition, the air conditioner and Suning Tesco jointly sponsored by you. The windless “2019 US Air Conditioning Windless Music Festival National Tour is also singing in Wuxi. The windless singer Li Jiansen, Liu Wei, Apple, and the national music pioneer Shosta, the soul singer Wang Yifu gathered in Suning Square, and awakened the originality of Wuxi with a super-burning windless sound.

The all-round singer Shosta brings original works “Wuxi”, “Liangxi Story”, “Life and Death” to the strong resonance of Wuxi fans, and also uses the national tide elements to make the works glow unexpectedly.
Liu Wei, who had a lot of “Windless Composing Legends” in the third season of the air-conditioning original music competition in the United States, has a rich jazz-style “No Wind Life”, elegant and romantic, hidden with deep skill and talent. gas celebrity dresses.
Known as the “soul singer”, Wang Yifu played on the scene of the bombing, and used the thick and magnetic voice to shake the heart of the fans. And after the 00, the sweet voice of the singer, Jiang Jiang, brought the “slightly sweet summer”, and told the audience about the beautiful expectations of summer life.

Singing all-rounders, Haiguimei Shaojian Li Jiansen took a very hot song, “Living VIVA”, and performed a new “VIVA Carnival Party” with the band and fans. A song sings, Li Jiansen continues to send the windless original music “This world I have no wind for you”, and the original music “everything for you”, etc., cheering on the scene, a layer of cover, a distinctive personality The “little aria” pushed the atmosphere to the climax again and again.
It is reported that the Windless Music Festival is a music “business card” that is beautifully launched by Midea Air Conditioning to help Chinese original musicians. The reason why we want to support original music is that original music and the beauty of the air-conditioner respect originality and focus on innovation. Let us call together for the singer of the dream catcher, for music, for the original voice!

Red carpet queen essential long earrings are the most self-sufficient

On these two days, I think everyone has been smashed by the red carpet of the Stars at the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival. The actresses are dressed up one by one, but why can someone kill countless films and stop them without a shot? In addition to the gorgeous “war suit” is essential, but also depends on what jewelry you bring.
Domineering long earrings
    The most jewellery accessory in the red carpet is the long earrings. The smooth and draping lines of the slender earrings can be swayed with your every move, and whether you have a perfect face or not, it is a proper length. The earrings stretch the lines of the face, making the face look slimmer. Gong Li’s several long earrings, which were chosen by Cannes, as accessories, have become the key to finishing the finishing touch.
Red carpet queen must have long earrings stealing mirror is so capricious

    At the opening of the 69th Cannes Film Festival, the red carpet was the most eye-catching. It was the second time that the film’s Gong Li was captured in the second place. The past performances and works are undoubted, and the domineering on the red carpet is unparalleled. With the Piaget Extremely Piaget jewellery 18K white gold necklace and the Earl’s Sunny Side of Life collection of 18K white gold earrings, Gong Huang’s gas field is unobstructed celebrity dresses.

    Li Bingbing, who knows this way, also chose long earrings. In the official lens of Cannes, Li Bingbing looked up and smiled. The feather earrings were especially stealthy.
Red carpet queen must have long earrings stealing mirror is so capricious

    Julianne Moore wears the Chopard Emerald Long Earrings, which is elegant and at the same time very solemn, and only the veteran goddess Julianne Moore can stand up.

    Ni Ni, the first battle of Cannes, is amazing on the red carpet. Tiffany’s fine jewelry earrings and bracelets are gorgeous, including Tiffany’s fine jewellery series of cut diamond earrings, weighing 6.6 carats, about 900,000 RMB; Tiffany fine jewelry series Soleste round cut diamond ring, the main stone 3.03 carats, valued at 1.27 million yuan; Tiffany high jewelry series narrow cut diamond bracelet, worth 2.665 million yuan.
Red carpet queen must have long earrings stealing mirror is so capricious

Liu Yifei’s wearing Dior Rose Dior Bagatelle necklace is just right to embellish the sweet temperament of the fairy sister, wearing a flower long skirt is full of warmth and temperament.
Red carpet queen must have long earrings stealing mirror is so capricious

    Naomi Watts wears a lavender-colored gemstone necklace that echoes the long skirt, and the brilliant colors make the age look a lot less.

    Jessica Chastain’s yellow tube top dress with diamond jewelry is simple and elegant, and the bright yellow color gives the red carpet a fresh and playful look.

I didn’t expect the dull autumn and winter to be saved by the bottoming shirt.

Recently, the weather is getting colder and colder. Before you go out, are you still worried about what you wear today? You always have a bad temperature, too thick, too hot, too hot and worried about cold. Every day, you face a whole wardrobe, but you don’t know. what to wear celebrity dresses.


Especially for a season, I always feel that last year’s clothes are not worthy of today’s excellent self, warm cotton clothes are fat and unfashionable, good-looking small shirts can’t resist cold… and in order to reduce the matching time, you are It’s not a black and white gray coat and a fall coat full of wardrobes. This is the real reason why you think the autumn and winter are dull.

       Indeed, in the face of this wave of national cooling, the “dead enemy” Qiuyi Qiuku trousers in the fashion circle was grandly debuted, but as a national single that has been disguised and had to be worn, this year’s bottoming shirt is playing in the fashion circle. A perfect turnaround!

        Not only is it easy to keep warm, but the key is to make you confident and bold. “Everything is the most practical foundation. Whether it’s single or worn, it’s very beautiful, stylish and cold. It’s like a Zhang Bai paper, you can match all the styles, and it is very flexible.

So don’t think that the bottoming shirt is rustic and not warm. Now the black technology will open the door to your new world. The HEATTECH series of Uniqlo is the “technical responsibility” of its home, and it will take you to say goodbye to the bloated with high-tech warmth. The HEATTECH series is very thin and light because it is made of high-tech microfiber. It fits well with the skin and is not bloated at all. And we usually wear a lot in winter, but some clothes are poorly wicked. In a mild air-conditioned heating room, or sweating after a little exercise, it will stick to the body, and then it is really cold!

         However, the HEATTECH series adopts the ultra-magic “fiber absorption and heat generation” principle, which saves the body’s evaporated water for heat and heat, absorbs heat and is comfortable and dry. Moreover, the special structure of the fiber can form an air belt, which is equivalent to an isolation layer. Not only can it generate heat, but it can also reduce the entry of cold air and keep warm for a long time. This way, both the warmth and the light and stylish bottoming shirts are of course how to wear them.

        Still, the bottom is not successful, and there is a style to speak! A good-looking and excellent bottoming shirt that allows you to take off your coat and make it a stylish debut. Quickly let go of your “autumn clothes” impression of the bottoming shirt, this time let Uniqlo launch a new and colorful 2019 HEATTECH series bottoming shirt to help us solve this difficult problem~ use the bottoming shirt to save the wear, stylish The whole autumn and winter.

Nowadays, the most common basic styles and colors of the bottom shirts on the market should be black and burgundy. It should be known that in the fashion of reincarnation, such classic colors are the easiest to wear a sense of style and high quality. In particular, using the most popular stacking method now, you are absolutely not afraid to show the bottoming shirt.

        UNIQLO HEATTECH series of slim bottoming shirts with loose high-waist slacks, this tightly loose loose dressing tips, can easily and effectively improve the waistline, modify the proportion of the body, put a layer in the windbreaker The color shirt not only increases the level of interest in the overall shape, but also makes the entire look city modern. Especially the black bottoming shirt, the contrast with the color of the white shirt is very eye-catching, refreshing and capable, and has the fashionable attributes of the self-contained gas field without any effort. This kind of stacking method is a gentleman’s style when wearing a boy, and the girl is also handsome. And the HEATTECH series are very thin and light, can fit the skin very well, keep warm and not bloated at all.

Wearing such a matching commute is really low-key and connotation, especially this burgundy bottoming shirt, not only the color is high, but also adds a conjoined design on the traditional version, the design breaks the dull and highlights the female neck. The elegance and femininity of the department show the beautiful chest lines, and it is easy to avoid the shackles that come out of the pants because of the too big movements.

        In order to accentuate the layering, you can open the outside and have the protection of the HEATTECH series bottoming shirt without worrying about the cold. HEATTECH’s fiber not only absorbs heat, but also has a special structure that can form an air belt, which is equivalent to an isolation. Floor. Not only can it generate heat, but it can also reduce the entry of cold air and keep warm for a long time.

         Don’t think that the bottoming shirt can only become fashionable with the commuter dress, and the casual bottoming shirt is still inferior.

Wild warm color

UNIQLO’s new HEATTECH range adds more base and bright colors. Whether the base color is worn inside or worn alone, it can be worn with a simple casual comfort, and it can be combined with trendy clothing to increase the overall sense of layering.

The increase in the color of the bright color provides more choices for the collocation, so that a simple bottoming shirt can be styled according to different aesthetics. This change also gives the bottoming shirt more possibilities.

       Ginger high-necked bottoming shirt can be said to be the most suitable for autumn and winter colors, with a casual blazer and jeans, a clean and neat combination but also very youthful and energetic, such a match with a profile is not unassuming But it looks full of taste, refined and advanced.

        Although the high-neck bottoming shirt looks ordinary, but the high-necked design without the sense of the skin, coupled with the skin-friendly fabric, whether it is high-necked, stacked or half-high collar, can best show the curve of the wearer’s neck. Especially for friends who are not very confident in the length of their neck, the small high-necked collar can definitely improve the strength and avoid weakness, modify the neck line, super wear.

        The bottoming shirt is only a high-necked one. The HEATTECH series of functional bottoming shirts can be said to be a good effort in the neckline design. The round neck, V-neck and even two lapel collars, especially the design of the ballet neckline can best show the elegance of the neck. The lines, quietly revealing your collarbone, let you indulge in an elegant and gentle femininity. The most important thing is that the four colors are free to match, even if you wear it alone, it is also full of design, truly stylish and warm.

Double comfort

If you think that only the bright color of the bottoming shirt can make the autumn and winter warm, then it is wrong, as long as the pair can still wear a warm winter. The most classic black and white striped bottoming shirt, with a white coat, the same color echoes, and then the beret and college wind bag blessing, so that the whole LOOK more literary atmosphere, with a high waist check skirt, elegant Youth is one-of-a-kind, even if you attend a formal occasion.

        This kind of bottoming shirt has no problem even if it is worn alone. It has a minimalist tailoring method, clear and neat lines, pure, warm and humanized, which is closer to life itself, and the tailoring and wrapping design is excellent. It’s easy to show the lines on the body, plus the light fabric, it won’t look bloated on the body. You definitely deserve it.

        In addition to the design so that you are not afraid to wear alone, the warmth performance is nothing to say, in addition to the classic HEATTECH, Uniqlo also introduced a “warm warm” and “super warm” version of HEATTECH. The texture is thicker and suitable for different temperatures. Moreover, Uniqlo has also introduced the long-awaited HEATTECH Ultra Warm to the children, which is 2.0 times warmer than the ordinary HEATTECH. By absorbing the water vapor evaporated from the body and converting it into heat, the children are It feels comfortable when worn alone or in a jacket with a cold environment. Bring more winter fun to the lively children.

        In addition to the performance so that you are not afraid of the cold, the sweet CP out of the street is the warmest in autumn and winter, don’t look just a burgundy bottoming shirt, with a denim jacket and casual pants, you can instantly become a fashionable boy Although it is better to wear a bottoming shirt with girls, it is more comfortable to wear, the same color is matched with the matching, the fashion is not monotonous, and then with a checkered scarf, so the small details of the cp feel really sweet teeth! Who said that lovers must be exactly the same.

Universal stacking

How can the most gorgeous autumns have such clean and pure colors as blue and green? The dark green bottoming shirt is tied into the skirt, and the combination with the corduroy suit can well follow the rules of the whole body color of no more than three, retaining both elegance and practical wear. Moreover, you can also tie the plaid shirt with a smooth color on the waist, and make a small knot. Uniqlo HEATTECH series is full of colors, no matter what style you want to match, you can find it easily~

        The autumn high in October is always inseparable from the warm bottoming shirt and lamb coat. Navy blue bottoming shirts not only provide a minimalist cool-looking look, but even with an open lamb coat and a light blue plaid shirt, the Uniqlo HEATTECH collection can be worn without fear of autumn breeze.

After reading so many bottoming shirts, are you still not motivated? Colorful colors, free to do whatever is convenient and easy to achieve, let us refuse the cold without color, feel the UNIQLO HEATTECH series with the color of the base to light the entire autumn and winter!

High and short days are destined, but 158 girls can wear “long” 10 cm

“High and short days are destined, fat and thin are all by people.” There are always a lot of things in this world that you can’t work hard, like your height. I believe that the sisters will care about how to wear them to be tall and thin. Whenever they see a good street shoot, they will always sigh: “This skirt looks good! But I am too short to drive.” Cann’t a petite girl have beauty?
Of course, it’s not awkward. You see that the small S is a good figure actress recognized by the entertainment industry. Although it is 1 meter tall and has a long leg of 1 meter, her wearing principle is to highlight its leg length advantage. You may be better than She is tall but she is definitely not wearing it. In the choice of dressing, the small S will choose some high waist and waist dress, like a jumpsuit on her body, high waist and deep V trousers design, hide the high heels in the trousers, the rest of the screen Only her long legs.

There is also Zhou Xun, who is hailed as “Zhou Gongzi”. Although his size is small, his clothes are very good. He also has his own taste in dressing style. He can be a CHANEL ambassador, and the beauty is certain. Zhou Xun, wearing high-waist wide-leg pants and sweaters, is also comfortable and gentle. At the same time, Xiao Bian finds the heart of Zhou Gongzi. He chooses vertical stripes on the trousers to create a visual sense of extending the legs. He also chooses short blouses. To make “Look, my waistline is here.” Let the small editor 恍惚 1 meter 6 height is really high! 瞧瞧 This long leg ~

It can be seen that the actresses who are “models of small clothes” naturally have their own set of dressing techniques. It seems that the height is not enough, it is indeed possible to use the wear to make up celebrity dresses ~

For this reason, the two “Instagrram” recommended by the editors of the “Innocent” are the most popular “small” fashion bloggers. Let them teach you, the small man can also wear the “supermodel.”

The dress of Levi Nguyen, an Asian fashion blogger from the Netherlands, is a favorite of “wearing a little rookie”. Because Levi Nguyen’s “family” is not only because she has an oriental face, but also a small fashion blogger who is 158cm tall and likes to wear flat shoes. She doesn’t have the slender calf of the model, but she can wear a 170+ high sister! Not only that, Levi’s wearing is also very grounded, the items are basic and repeatable, but also wear a sense of fashion and level. sense.

High law: You can have no A4 waist, but you can’t wear high waist

Looking through all of Levi Nguyen’s LOOK, I found that Levi Nguyen loves long coats, but her long coat can be said to be a model for a small girl, and she can find dozens of long coats on her outfit. Practical to often used as a dressing template. For example, the match inside the long trench coat must be put into the pants to improve the waistline.

Levi Nguyen likes to open his jacket when he wears a jacket, revealing the “heart machine” of the high-waist pants top, which makes the height higher. When wearing a long coat, Levi Nguyen will choose the style that fits as much as possible, whether it is paired with pants or a dress. Exposed to the slender ankles, there is also a visual sense of long legs.
In addition to some basic collocations, Levi Nguyen will also play around. Workplace OL must wear a blazer, a gray coat on the outside, with 9 points pants, white shirt, even wearing Le Fu flat shoes are high.
Or use a sweater to fold the shirt, so that although the basic items are worn, it is more layered and fashionable.
Whether it is a skirt or a trousers, the high waist will never go wrong, and it will add a lot of points, but don’t over-purchase the high waist, but the over-the-counter will show a sense of humor. Then there are friends who want to ask, ‘Do you not wear clothes without a waistline?’ Don’t worry! A belt can help you. As for the method of use, of course, it is tied to the thinnest part of your waist. With its help, it raises the waistline and is tall and thin. Don’t be too simple.
Some little fairies are not very good at accepting the fashionable outfits of the outer belts of the coats. It is also worth learning to learn Levi Nguyen to use the waist bag or the crossbody bag to emphasize the waistline.
The truth of “the waistline determines the length of the leg” must be kept in mind, where is the waistline and where the leg is. Whether it’s pants or skirts, you must wear a style that emphasizes the waistline. Emphasizing the waistline, you can shorten the upper body, lengthen the leg line, and improve the proportion of the whole body. It is the most important way to make a small man stand tall!

“Although I am short, but I have a clavicle/necklace/earrings/super nice!”, this sentence means that a small girl can wear slightly exaggerated earrings and a shiny necklace when wearing it. Wait for the eye-catching accessories to be embellished so that others’ attention will not be on your height~
Brittany Xavier likes to use accessories to create winter wear, and the sweater chain is an integral part of her wearing LOOK.

Want to leg length of 1 meter 8, dare to reveal is the last word! Choose some items with V-neck design, not only fashionable but also the beauty of the neck line, the whole person is also very aura! Will you care about your height?

Those who are not afraid of the cold “fashionable” can learn Brittany Xavier to put on the skirt. Dew is not an end, just the slim and slim shape that is visually created makes people look comfortable and natural. The casual dew can not only add points to your temperament, but also show your leg lines. Who said that a small girl can only sell cute and cute, and she can be sexy and mature. The only thing that is bad is the slightest exposure.

But the little girl is not blindly pursuing the ultra-loose wide-leg pants of Tibetan meat. It is the most important thing to fit. Want to be thin? A slightly loose high-waist wide-leg pants will do. There is also a big bag that is popular nowadays. For the “small star”, it will only play the role of putting your own body under high pressure. It is estimated that the bag can be put in more.

Inventory: DJ giant Pioneer DJ popular DJ circle product comparison

Pioneer DJ’s reputation is outside, and it is known as the “Day of the Day” brand in the DJ circle. Whether it’s just getting started with DJ Xiaobai, an experienced professional DJ, or a DJ musician, they all have a special liking for Pioneer DJ equipment. With up to 93% of the world’s nighttime DJ equipment selected Pioneer DJ, you can feel that almost everyone is recommending and using Pioneer DJ.

The models we are going to take today are the Pioneer DJ models. Let’s take a closer look at whether they are as fanatical as everyone’s legend celebrity dresses.

Classic: DDJ-200

Regarding the DJ products designed for mobile platforms, only the DDJ-200 has done it. You can connect directly to your mobile phone. It can be said that the cost of learning is greatly reduced. With the official WeDJ, you can learn the control of the device and the use of the buttons more intuitively. You can also experience the full Rekordbox DJ on the desktop. If you want to experience a professional DJ experience at a lower learning cost, this black-and-black DDJ-200 is almost the only choice.

Value for money: DDJ-400

This entry-level DJ controller will give you the feeling of having a small CDJ and DJM set. The software effects items on the playback platform were moved to the mixing platform. Instead, the CDJ’s LOOP operation keys were used to make the overall feel more favorable to the CDJ. The central design is like the DJM-250’s entry mixer. .

Many veterans will not hesitate to say the name of DDJ-400 when recommending the entry DDJ, because it has a CDJ layout DJ controller, the price is very high, dare not say the best, but if it is the second, then the first One should have not been produced yet. Pioneer DJ also has built-in instructional teaching, which is also very helpful for users to learn and use equipment step by step. It can be regarded as an artifact in the pit.

Upgrade: DDJ-800

Think of the DDJ-800 as an upgraded version of the DDJ-RR or a portable version of the DDJ-1000. It is the first DJ controller in the industry to support feedback attenuation. This feature automatically attenuates the microphone’s input signal to avoid noise and excessive feedback.

In addition, the most surprising thing about the DDJ-800 is that it guarantees a CDJ-like interface and takes a step-by-step approach to operating the feel and effects. The volume is 78% smaller than the DDJ-1000 and the weight is reduced by 1.3kg. This is really friendly for users who have mobile needs or focus on portability. Equipped with the same COLOE ON JOG DISPLAY as the DDJ-1000, there is absolutely no problem for professional performance.

Professional performance: DDJ-1000/DDJ-1000SRT

The DDJ-1000 is a 4-channel professional performance DJ based on Rekordbox DJ, while the DDJ-1000SRT is a compatible model of its SERATO. As one of the best-selling DJ controllers in the industry in 2019. Many professionals regard it as the best integrated DJ controller on the market, excellent structure, excellent sound quality, and the closest DJ controller closest to CDJ/DJM.

The DDJ-1000 relies on Rekordbox DJ’s new Related Tracks feature to further enhance track compatibility. The standard BEAT FX and four SOUND COLOR FX come standard, and the creative possibilities in the performance are further expanded. Including the improved MAGVEL FADER, not only provides a more professional feel, but also greatly reduces the delay of the performance, the feel of the disk is more intuitive than other devices.

In a big sense, this device was born for professional performance, inheriting the consistent philosophy of the Pioneer digital series to reproduce the CDJ/DJM experience on DDJ. For those who are still trying new DJ methods, those Seeking to replace equipment, people who want CDJ/DJM equipment can be said to be closed-eye choices.

As a veteran company established in 1937, Pioneer DJ began research and development of DJ products in 1994. The DJ player launched in 2004 directly changed the performance of DJ. Up to now, no need to deliberately express, all the equipment and all the experience, is enough to prove the strength of Pioneer DJ, like its brand name has become the pioneer of the DJ industry. After more than 80 years, the reason why Pioneer DJ was chosen by 93% of musicians is presumably self-evident.

25-year-old “LoL champion goddess” fell in love with 42-year-old uncle? Still fighting the charm of a mature man

Recently, South Korea’s D agency broke the 42-year-old Su Zhizhao’s love of Zhao Enqing, a 17-year-old host, and Su Zhiyi’s generous love, confirming that they have been in love for a year celebrity dresses.

This is the first public affair of Su Zhiyan’s debut 24, and in the blessing, the public is also very concerned about the possibility of marriage. In response, 51K responded: “The age is also here, so I am really in a relationship, and I am very cautious about the issue of marriage. Please look at the relationship between the two with a positive perspective.”

The two first-time acquaintances were interviewed in SBS’s “Late Night Formal Performing Arts”. At that time, Zhao Enqing interviewed Su Zhizhao and Sun Yizhen for the new movie “Now, I really want to see you”, to see the pictures at the time of the interview!

When I really feel that South Korea’s sneak shot of a star’s relationship, I feel like I’m shooting a pictorial or an idol drama, as if I’m back to watching the Sun of the Lord.

When Zhao Enjing was in the 14th year, he was debuted on the e-sports channel OGN. The goddess called “LoL Champion Faker” was loved by video game fans. But at the beginning of this year, Zhao Enjing indicated that he wanted to leave the TV circle, suspend the contract with the company, the company’s Her photo and profile were also deleted on the homepage.

The resume of Zhao Enjing on the website has also been deleted, which means she wants to leave the TV circle and live an ordinary and peaceful life. At the same time, her own Facebook, Instagram and other related information have also been deleted.

After Su Zhizhen publicly admitted his love relationship with Zhao Enjing, Zhao Enjing instantly became a hot topic. At the same time, the public is also speculating that before the romance is open, Zhao Enjing has already retired from the entertainment circle, ready to get married.

The Internet began to be filled with Faker’s expression pack. When he lost his goddess, thousands of girls also lost their idol drama man Su Zhizhen. Sure enough, Uncle still likes Loli!

Su Zhizhao is from the young handsome to the big and clear! Xiao Emei, natural volume, cute and cute Su-Jiao debut as a model, and the second TV series “I’m sorry, I love you” made him famous and won numerous awards.

South Korea also has the first road in the history of the name “Su Zhiyi Road”. Su Zhiyi’s favorite number is 51, so the road is 51 kilometers long. With a height of 182cm and a strong posture that has been trained in perennial fitness, the 42-year-old is still full of charm.

The handsome uncle’s style is also very simple, most of them are black and white, when you are in a good mood, you will wear a little more vitality! It can be said that the “overbearing president” was set up properly.

Synonymous with the golden ratio, playing “top green tea” is being chased by people

The high-end American drama “Fatal Woman” who just finished the big game, have you finished reading it? The final outcome of the three different eras of families living in the same house appeared in the same space, this design is wonderful, the scene scheduling is called open.

Alexandra Daddario is still the kind of woman who enjoys eating rice. She is 1.73 meters tall and has a proud 36E. She is rated as the actress who has the most beautiful chest in the American drama industry. Even surpassed the veteran goddess Scarlett Johansson, ranking first in the 2015 Douban Most Watched Actress Rankings celebrity dresses.

He has been selected by the famous American review website TC candler five times – “the world’s top 100 most beautiful faces.” This list is not only a selection of values, but also a comprehensive factor of cultural background, lifestyle, work career, public commentary and so on.

She is almost synonymous with the golden ratio. She is 1.73 meters tall and has long legs and legs. She does not take the usual path. She prefers to play suspense horror movies. After all, she can ignore the plot when she looks at the face, except for the “attic” score. The best thing to do is to rely on the value of the face.

In fact, she is a born Bai Fumei, born in the Upper East Side of New York, with three-quarters of Italian descent and one-quarter of Irish descent, the boss of three brothers and sisters.

Grandpa was a Connecticut state legislator. Dad was a lawyer, a federal prosecutor, the former head of the counter-terrorism unit of the New York City Police Department. The mother was also a lawyer. His brother Matthew Daddario was also an actor and starred in Mr. And Shadow Hunter

The film Virgo “Squid and Whale”, although a supporting role, but the film won the Oscar nomination for the best script. In “The End of the Day” and Qiang Sen’s father and daughter, she can just grasp the feeling of the character.

Is it easy to persuade the skin powder on the looks? The ex-girlfriend is a world-class tycoon, and also creates a high-priced joint shoes!

Today, I want to introduce you to a traffic singer Travis Scott in the rap world. It can be said that there is traffic in his place, it is the champion of the US bulletin board, nominated by Grammy, and on the list of Forbes, the truth is worthy. His fame celebrity dresses!

His girlfriend is still a world-class rich, Jin Xiaomei of the Kardashian family, and Kylie, the youngest billionaire of Forbes. They also had a lovely daughter together, but they did not expect to fall in love for 2 years. It was announced in October this year and the whole market was blasted.

Now every time Travis Scott’s new album has a big help, and every time the album sales, almost all of the top three. This year, Netflix made a documentary for him, which proves that his strength and flow are not mixed with water.

Although compared with the domestic top stream, Travis Scott is easy to persuade the skin powder in appearance, but he is doing it so that the teenagers in the United States and even the whole world are crazy for him. As long as he has his scene, he can’t sleep at night. .

Travis Scott’s father is a drummer. Grandpa is a jazz composer. At the age of 3, he learned to play drums. At the age of 13, he made his first single. After entering high school, he began to imitate Kanye as a Beats. But Dad only wants him to be a cub, and can’t take music as a career.

When I was a junior, I took my parents off school. After the parents knew that they had driven him out of the house, there was no financial support, and all the retreats were cut off. Fortunately, he did not admit defeat, and he was directly signed into G.O.O.D. Music by his idol grandfather, unilaterally reaching the peak of his life.

After that, together with the grandfather to shoot video for his clothing brand Yeezy Collection, then the good expressiveness and rising influence, let Saint Laurent, Alexander Wang, 1017 ALYX 9SM, etc. come to Travis to shoot commercials.

Also selected for the 13th place in the UK version of GQ, the world’s most dressed men, after which the GQ cover is even more non-stop. In terms of fashion trends, Travis Scott does not stop at modeling and filming magazines. Affected by many designing big coffees such as Kanye and Virgil, they also embarked on the road of design and set off in the trend circle.

Co-branded with Nike, creating the most topical and profitable crossovers of the year. A pair of barbs designed to climb the throne of the shoe. The price of the domestic secondary market has soared to 16,000RMB, creating a sky-high price joint shoe!

For shoes like stocks, Travis Scott’s shoes are the popular king in the shoe stocks. The sale of Travis Scott × AJ 6 in November immediately took over the topic list.

There is no unique vitiligo supermodel, and the fashion magazine is a commonplace!

Today, Xiaobian wants to introduce you to a fashion model with a unique vitiligo supermodel. The face is white and brown, and it’s no cover. She is Winnie Harlow. You may not know the name, but you will see the photo. acknoledged!

Winnie Harlow’s road to fame is indeed luck on the one hand. The whole fashion circle is increasingly pursuing a unique beauty. On the other hand, she is well-growth. The color of the face is basically symmetrical, and it has a unique sense of design celebrity dresses.

Winnie Harlow is also one of the few models that have not signed up and been interviewed by Wei Mi. From her interview, the authors have skyrocketed, and Instagram fans have risen by 500,000. After boarding the T-stage, they enjoy a supermodel status. Occupy the major fashion headlines.

Many versions of Vogue’s official website have published her article separately, and Vogue Australia compares her with Kendo Kandall, Candice, Behati, Adriana.

In addition, she is very confident in the big show, there is a gas field, the media also packaged her into a fashion circle hero, defeated the disease, still beautiful people set.

Winnie Harlow was diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of 4, and at first he was only a small spot on his arm. Later, as he grew older, he gradually spread to the entire body, including the face. The sick childhood spent ridicule, and the school bullying forced her to transfer to countless times.

The past experience was distressing. After that, she participated in the supermodel show “National Supermodel Contest”, telling her experience, directly poured a bowl full of super large size chicken soup, but the goose inspirational experience also let her mad powder?

But this is also the program, so her fame is accompanied by a lot of controversy. The people who love to eat melon may know that it is said that they often take their own skin diseases to sympathize with each other, and often have contradictions with other models, and there are still pictures of crying late at night. Spread on the Internet.

Later, she gradually became a hot topic of controversy, and she received a lot of praise, but also attracted a lot of criticism. Although controversial, the Star Way has indeed changed its trajectory. The black girl has the devil’s figure, and the whole body is covered with white markings. The two extreme colors form a strong visual conflict, which is rare, so it is favored by the fashion world.

Not only was Kardashian invited her to make a joint makeup, but also to make small money, the fashion magazine is a commonplace. In the past few years, she has used her own experience to encourage the same people as her, and has been actively engaged in various related activities. Vitiligo’s speeches and activities.

Vitiligo became her unique mark and became a style belonging to Winnie Harlow, which made her look different and made her difference! She told everyone with practical actions that self-confidence can make a woman strong and a confident woman is the most beautiful.